Radio's RadioNewz Peeps did a makeover on Lisa Croslin

The much awaited for and previously promised update on Lisa Croslin has finally arrived. Radio on her RadioNewz Blog Forum has told all. You just have to wade through all the B/S going on in her nasty excuse of a forum in order to find out.

But in case you have better things to do with your time, then this post is for you.

The Croslins have a very bad habit of going in and out of jail, forever. This post will only cover the small time period revolving around Lisa’s incident of August 22nd. Whether Lisa, as a drug addict, ever experienced a relapse after getting out of jail is totally besides the point. The only time period at issue here revolves around the events of August 22nd.

Certainly Lisa Croslin in her October 8th picture, shown above to the right, outside of the St. Johns County Courthouse appears to be rather normal looking, even after witnessing her daughter getting sentenced to 25 years on a charge of trafficking oxycodone.


RadioNewz Blog Forum Exposé

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Personally, I think that Lisa Croslin needs to spend some time in prison. She after all has committed a number of serious criminal offenses. A sentence of six months would probably be enough, but perhaps she deserves more? Theoretically, doing a stretch in jail would allow her to dry out. But whether Florida will keep her drugged out on strong prescription medication during her entire jail sentence remains to be seen.


Lisa Croslin’s Story

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In this post, I will be making an exposé of what really had happen to Lisa Croslin around the incident of August 22nd, according to what has been commented upon on Radio’s RadioNewz Blog Forum.

Lisa Croslin – RadioNewz Blog – Timeline

About the easiest way to reveal exactly what had happened to Lisa Croslin is simply to do a timeline, listing the events as they chronologically took place. I shall let my readers make up their own minds as to what these events might signify.

Unfortunately, it is quite obvious that a lot of information has been obstructed by Radio and her peeps by use her forum’s private messages (PM), traditional email, not to mention telephone calls.

GER on RadioNewz Blog Forum


Radio, Head RadioNewz Forum Troll






Most of the following information primarily came from Radio, GER, and NurseLady; who like to brag about their outside activities. Simon Barrett’s good Samaritan / snitch, Harriet Sweet / Sweat, will be referred to simply as HS for brevity.

The Lisa Croslin timeline around the events of August 22nd, as available on the RadioNewz Blog.

7/23— Cocaine Purchase Booking#: 10-03153
During her incarceration, HS met Lisa in her jail ministry.
Lisa wears dentures. Her dentures were unavailable in her purse from the time that she was arrested. How Lisa managed to eat her food without any dentures is totally beyond me.

8/17— Released from jail
Due to Chelsea Croslin taking her motherinlaw’s possesions back to Masscuhetts; Lisa found herself without money, picture ID, dentures, and no street clothes.
A good Samaritan (HS) provided her with some clothes.
Lisa returned to her former boarding house for one night.
8/18 — A good Samaritan (HS) located a new homeless shelter with a zero tolerance policy to alcohol and drugs.
Lisa resided at her new boarding house from 8/18 through the end of 8/22.
8/20— BNN publishes Haleigh Cummings Case – Lisa Croslin Talks For The First Time
8/22From communications with KP and a direct examination of Lisa’s medical record with HIPPA approval:
-Women at shelter allegedly roughs up Lisa over her xanax prescription by pushing her down a flight of stairs.
-Putman Community Medical Center examination took place between 21:25 and 23:35.
-Lisa arrived by ambulance.
-Medical Diagnosis: Mixing Prescript Xanax with Alcohol

Medical Diagnosis:  Mixing Prescription Xanax with Alcohol

Medical Diagnosis: Mixing Prescription Xanax with Alcohol


“The woman that roughed Lisa up has lived in that shelter for many years! And she still does. As far as the Police report – it’s my understanding that was the last thing on the shelter’s mind to do as they didn’t want any more trouble than they have on a regular basis which is plenty. Lisa was picked up and sent to the hospital. Homeless shelters put [up] with a whole lotta stuff. I guess peeps can call the shelter and bitch at them.”

-According to BNN, HS says that Lisa allegedly named two persons: KP and AH.
8/23 – 8/27 Lisa wanders the streets as a homeless person.
8/23— BNN publishes Haleigh Cummings Update – Lisa Croslin Crashes And Burns?
– Radio posts statement that is allegedly from KP.
-10:50 am, KP emails me
-I speak with KP on phone in the evening for 23 minutes.
8/25— Radio allegdedly states in private email, forwarded to me from KP.

“Yesterday [KP] reached out & helped someone who truly needed it & there was no agenda. She has a much bigger heart than I do.”

-Jan Barrett allegedly wrote, on the same email forwarded from KP.

“I have to find where she said she gave Lisa money, I know on one blog she did say like you said her husband said but regardless the money still came from her. And now we are being accused of paying Lisa for the very short email interview Simon did with her. Anyway this is the part where she trashed you again yesterday”

8/26— Lisa met with her Parole Officer and allededly answered untruthfully an inquiry.
8/27Steady Rain since darkness has arrived.
One of Lisa’s sisters says that she has no where to go.

Donations were being collected at RadioNewz Forum through Heart.
Non Cash Donations

Non Cash Donations went through Massachusetts.

NurseLady sent money by Western Union.
GER is on the ground in Putnam County and is trying to get the situation stable.
-Spent several hours over the course of a couple of days in the company of LC, trying to find a suitable place for her to reside, that would accept her.
-Lisa is now staying with a friend in Satsuma.
-Personally fed Lisa a dish of Spaghetti after finding out where she was.
-Reports that she now has food, a pace to camp out in a tent in a friends backyard, and the bare necessities. She had no phone minutes to talk to Misty.
One parishioner said that it would be irresponsible of him to not protect those he associates with and that Lisa hasn’t shown a new leaf and that he doesn’t want to victimize those in his parish.
-Lisa pitched her tent in someone’s backyard (for one night) and is requested to sleep there at night. She can go in the house during the day, but is not being allowed in the house during the night.
8/29ANNOUNCEMENT from Radio:

“One of our fellow members has just informed me they will be paying Lisa’s entire fee amount [$1,900] tomorrow. They are doing this completely Anonymously.”

GER-Lisa moved to a public campground.
8/30— GER
Chelsea Croslin shipped Lisa’s picture ID, dentures, phone, and belongings and ID to the wrong address in error. Gee, Chelsea seems to screw up everything!
KP had set up and dealt with the money issues.
One of Radio’s peeps pays Lisa Court fees of $1,900 in full.
8/31— Lisa was arrested on violation of probation


She’s got air conditioning, a refridgerator, and microwave oven. Her room has a locked heavy door that stands between her and the outside world. She’s, also, finally gotten in contact with Hank. Lisa’s got food and emergency food stamps, now. She should have her ID and personal things back by at least Friday. She has clothes to wear. Oh, and Lisa has access to bus service for a buck, to get around now as she needs.

[Isn’t it amazing how a unreformed criminal drug addict, thanks to Radio’s peeps have set Lisa up? The ordinary penniless law abiding homeless person, no doubt, fairs far worst. I wouldn’t be surprised at all, if Lisa didn’t have HBO to while away her days.]

9/20— BNN publishes Oops! My Dog Ate The Truth! – Not A Haleigh Cummings Update!
GER helped Lisa retrieve her medical record, read them to her, so that she could understand them.
-Lisa faxes KP her medical record from Staples at 16:11.
-I requested that KP should respond to SB allegations on BNN by email.
-KP replies by email, and another 24 minute telephone call took place.
-KP emails me a copy of Lisa’s medical record with HIPPA approval at 10:45 pm.

UPDATE: RadioNewz Blog – What Happened with Lisa Croslin

RadioNewz Blog Forum reponds with more lies and denials.