Cute Mr. Peabody from RadioNewz Blog Lives On

Despite the best efforts of Radio on the RadioNewz Blog, how Mr. Peabody appeared just before his bannishment will now live on forever. It is King Peabody to you, Radio.

We last caught up with the plight of our gallant hero, Mr. Peabody, in Lisa Croslin – RadioNewz Blog Exposé. Levi Page, also, speaks out in his Cross finger pointing in the Haleigh Cummings case article, as well as on his Blog. While Levi is entitled to his own opinion, he is also on the record on many different occasions for being one of the “Ron Haters.”

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions of my experiences on RadioNewz Blog Forum is the claim that I was a troublemaker who was acting alone. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I was in a group of no fewer than 3 troublemakers. By merely observing what happened immediately after my banning, everyone should be able to deduce that there are currently at least two other victims of the Trolls on the RadioNewz Blog Fourm: bullyjo and Tattered. If we shared anything at all in common, it was that we each individually didn’t believe Ron was guilty.


Radio on the RadioNewz Blog Forum is on the Warpath.

bullyjo on RadioNewz ForumTattered on RadioNewz Blog
Hapless bullyjo had just come back from an extensive quarantine. Now, why some people are too contrary or chicken to say who else could have possibly done it is totally beyond me. I believe that Misty is guilty beyond a doubt. I am certainly not ashamed of saying so, bullyjo.

Tattered was at the time on a long time out. She could read posts, but could not post anything new. She started posting just before I had arrived on board the RadioNewz Blog Forum. Yet, you can clearly see that she had posted more than three times as many posts as me. Plus, I had managed to rack up more kudos, than posts. In the beginning, Tattered like to award my posting efforts with mucho kudos. While she is obviously her own person, I got along with Tattered better than anybody else on Radio’s forum. At least she believed that Misty did it and had the guts to stick to her guns, even if I always did NOT agree with her.

Right after my banishment had taken place, Tattered was once again allowed to post. But, what happened immediately to her upon her return is just as revealing. Most of the Ronald Cummings haters picked on her and called her a Troll. Radio, also, sent her to a place of isolation that she calls the Dungeon, for a couple of hours, during her first night back.

I predict that it will only be a matter of time before Radio tires of these other two troublemakers.

Who Is Next On RadioNewz Blog?

There was NO FILTH or Nastiness on the RadioNewz Forum.

Contrary to popular belief, I was never nasty or filthy on the RadioNewz Blog Forum by modern standards. I was in fact called the F-Word by the Trolls on the RadioNewz Forum on a number of different occasions on the Haleigh threads. Obviously, I could have used far more vulgar language. Believe it or not, I took great pains to tone down my language. But, I do freely admit that I called them fat, among other things, because that is what I thought would push the hot buttons of females; which is what I thought you were supposed to do in the Cage (i.e., fight it out). Radio on the other hand apparently designed the Cage as just another opportunity for the victim to be further victimized. Never on my watch, everything that I said in the Cage was calculated to push the hot buttons of females.


UPDATE: Lisa Croslin – RadioNewz Blog Exposé – Backlash

Isn’t it just amazing that no sooner then I posted this post of mine, an amazing number of Radio’s Trailer Trash Internet Trolls chose that precise moment to change their name? One gal even went so far as to change her Avatar Icon. No doubt, a face lift was necessary in order to protect these guilty Trolls from public scrutiny? Leading the pack was deepblu who was quick to change her name to Indiana at Heart. I still think that, that picture of Ron that deepblu was using for a while suited her real inner self better.


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This Tattered Troll fell out of my good graces a long time ago. This loony has done a number of bizarre things, such as very publicly talk about her visit to Dr.Fessel‘s house. She also apparently spends just as much time on Twitter as she does on Radio’s forum. Protraying herself as the Cat in the Hat Thing 2 is very appropriate as she is on a very destructive binge, or what I would describe as a living nightmare.

The notion that Radio’s Forum has a lot of deleted guests because these people had left on their own accord is absolutely ludicrous. Hey, when somebody looses interest in a forum they simply stop posting. Nobody bothers to delete their own accounts. And, if by chance some did delete them then that would indicate to me more than a mere lack of interest. It would be more on a level of total disgust with Radio and her Trolls, which is hardly something to brag about.