Brief commentary on positive examples of youth in America today and media events of today. This allows commenters engaged in discussions on this blog to create the real news story.

Discussions are routinely taking place on this blog. Weeks after a post was first posted, the public is still commenting on them, offering their ideas about what happened. On this blog there are always plenty of active posts for the public to choose from.


Breaking News Coverage

Select breaking news on the crime stories currently being covered will be routinely offered. It just wont ever be the first blog to cover the story. Whenever possible, a video will be offered for extra impact. That means at least one day delay to allow others to upload new videos. Further, I have a personal life and am making no pretense of offering around the clock coverage of anything. This is a hobby blog, not HLN or CNN.


Replying to Comments

This blog has enabled threaded or nested comments that can be up to 5 levels deep, which allows discussions to take place.

Replies can be up to 5 levels deep.


Participants Can Post Their Own Posts

Participants desiring to be more active can register and post their own posts.

You cannot be added as an user to this blog unless you have a WordPress account. You can obtain one by clicking on the WordPress icon that is located in the topic left margin. Next, clicking on Sign Up Now located on the very top center of the page followed by selecting Just a username, please and follow the instructions. Or, you can click on Login under Meta which is located on the bottom of the page in the page footer with your mouse. Then you have to click on Get a free WordPress account. From there you select, Just a username, please and follow the instructions.


How to Contact John H. Gohde in Private

Facebook is how you may contact me in private. Sending private messages, is one of the things that Facebook is good for.

A hyperlink to my Facebook profile page is in the left sidebar of this Blog.

In Facebook, a Friend is just code for someone that you want to interact with, might want to interact with, or someone who belongs to a group of people that you share a similar interest with, such as missing children.

After joining Facebook, once you request to add me as your friend, you are given the opportunity to send me a private message. After I add you as a friend private messages can go on forever. Of course, you always have the option in Facebook to drop me as a friend at any time.

Of all the social media marketing (SMM) sites, Facebook is it in 2010! Some people actually believe that it will one day be more popular than Google. It is a good account to have for no other reason than to check out people in the news. A handy feature of FB is to see what Issues and Nancy Grace will be covering in advance.

Let me put it this way. Either you need to contact me bad enough in private to set up a Facebook account, or you don’t. My time is valuable. The choice is yours.