15 Million for Britney, Nothing for CarlyTate Steven managed to pull off 5 million dollars for his efforts, while Carly Rose only received Xfactor song royalties. Britney Spears turned out to be the real winner on Xfactor 2012 by being paid 15 million for her demure facial expressions.

The real winner on Xfactor was clearly Britney Spears who made three times as much money in just one season as Tate Stevens did, while reestablishing her professional singing career, and cleaning up her public image. Much to the disappointment of Simon Cow who had wanted a crazy and wild girl judge on Xfactor delivering a high-energy performance for a reported 15 million dollars, but got stuck instead with a boring Britney.

Britney Spears Making Faces on Xfactor

Rumor has it, that Simon Cow is going to dump Ms. Spears for her lackluster performance. Not bad Britney for managing to show up for work, have a few laughs, giving bum professional advice to Carly Rose Sonenclar, while presenting herself to the public as being off-drugs, demure, and half-way normal.