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The much awaited for court date in Putnam County, Florida for Misty Croslin finally arrived yesterday and disappointed just about everybody because nothing new had happened.
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Radio's RadioNewz Peeps did a makeover on Lisa Croslin

The much awaited for and previously promised update on Lisa Croslin has finally arrived. Radio on her RadioNewz Blog Forum has told all. You just have to wade through all the B/S going on in her nasty excuse of a forum in order to find out.

But in case you have better things to do with your time, then this post is for you.
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The BNN, Kim Picazio, Lisa Croslin Fiasco Revisited

In Kim Picazio Outs BNN’s Lies About Lisa Croslin, BNN’s Simon Barrett was metaphorically run out of town on a rail. Based upon my two phone interviews with Kim Picazio, Simon apparently got all embarrassed about a few of his posts and stopped covering Haleigh Cummings and missing children in general. So, what really happened in the Lisa Croslin Blog War Fiasco?
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In the first couple days of the investigation of the Haleigh Cummings missing person case, Misty Croslin incriminated herself with comments about little Haleigh having wet her blanket. Just like Chelsea Croslin, I have had over a year to think about this case. In retrospect, there is absolutely no reason at all for Misty Croslin to have been talking about this, other than the fact that at the time Misty viewed this event to be very significant. Here is my Pee Theory as to why Misty is guilty of this crime.
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Everybody knows by now that Ronald Cummings was sentenced to 15 years in jail. As far as I am concerned, absolutely nothing new has happened. So, all the journalists involved in the Haleigh Cummings missing person case are recycling old theories in order to fill dead air space. When will this nonsense, all end?
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