Anna Christine recently won over America’s Got Talent judges in the new 2013 season. This upcoming ten-year-old sung House of the Rising Sun with a loud powerful voice, while playing an electrical piano.

Anna Christine Sings Rising Sun

Great singers are a dime a dozen. But being young gives new singers an edge in the eyes of the public.

If this was a singing contest, Anna would probably finish in the top 4. But, America’s Got Talent is a freak show where any kind of an act could conceivably win, so the first episode is far too soon to be picking winners.

Carly Rose – Stuck in the Mud?

Carly Rose Sonenclar needs to stop stalling. She has to get signed fast by a label. Perhaps, Carly is a victim of the X-factor contract, perhaps NOT. But, apparently she has some kind of a negative that is holding her back. Whatever it is, Carly Rose has to start selling some of her music to the public as soon as possible before she is eclipsed by the next wave of young performing talent.

Look out Carly Rose Sonenclar, Anna Christine is on her way to music stardom.