Did you vote for Carly Rose Sonenclar?Xfactor voting is now over. Was Carly Rose Sonenclar able to finally pull off a victory?

All the contestants sang three different songs. Carly started off by repeating the song that she had sung during her audition, only this time her performance sounded completely different. Was that good or bad?

One of the refreshing things about Carly Rose is that she was just about the only Xfactor contestant not to plead poverty as a reason for voting for her. In addition, she is actually living in a rare functional family in America. Or, an intact family that actually likes and supports each other.

According to her WhoSay SnapShot, Ms. Sonenclar has been making money in the acting business since the age of two. She has appeared in commercials, on television in The Electric Company; currently airing on PBS; in the movies (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2), and on both off-Broadway and Broadway. She even has already toured the country in the national tour of the Little House on the Prairie The Musical with Melissa Gilbert. One can only wonder, what the other talented contestants were waiting for?

This means that this 13-year-old has networked with a lot of people over her short life time. Did you vote for Carly Rose Sonenclar?