Carly Rose - LeAnn Rimes DuetCan you blame Carly Rose Sonenclar’s parents for pinning the lost squarely on LeAnn Rimes?

Arguably Carly Rose’s worst performance in the finals was the ‘How Do I Live’ duet. It looked liked the two singers were fighting each other. One can only wonder just how much rehearsing was done for this song.

Life is NOT fair, and poor Carly got the short end of the stick when she got paired with LeAnn Rimes. Professional singers are supposed to know what they are doing. Looked to me, like LeAnn was clearly under the influence of something.

Poor Carly Rose Sonenclar

Forcing singing contestants to sing duets, especially with people that they are competing against, should be outlawed on the grounds of cruelty.

It does NOT take much to receive a drop in support on an important vote. Carly Rose Sonenclar’s duet flop surely did NOT help her any.