Carly Rose RewindSo, what is happening with Carly Rose Sonenclar these days?

Most of her really good update videos are located on Youtube at CarlyRoseOnline.

It appears that all the Xfactor contestants had to sign a written contract which gives Simon Cowell a certain number of days for him to make up his mind as to whether or not SYCO Music will sign Carly. Simon’s lukewarm response so far has been rather disappointing. Nevertheless, Carly Rose has to wait for this time limit to expire before she can sign with anybody else.

Carly Rose on WABC Radio

In the meantime, Carly has been trying to get her life back to normal; going to school, meeting up with old friends, and writing some original music.

Carly Rose has attended a lot of meetings concerning her future in music. She has been very busy putting together her team. So far, she has been able to decide on who her manager will be.

In addition, Carly Rose Sonenclar has managed to do one StageIt event. StageIt is an innovative way for musicians to raise money with an online real time concert venue.