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Is Timothy Holmseth another Rip Van Winkle?Is Timothy Holmseth another Rip Van Winkle?
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Casey Anthony -  Oops!  Did I really mean to suffocate Caylee?Did prosecutors overlook investigation basics when they let Casey Anthony walk? It is sure beginning to look that way.
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Putting the Squeeze on ReddiosAll the crap that Reddios has recently written on her newly resurrected monstrosity of a Blog has pretty much labeled Radio as a total fruitcake, by her own words.

Getting Radio to STOP her wicked ways is like beating a dead horse.But, I am up to the challenge of dumping upon Radio, one more time; just as she has already dumped upon Mr. Peabody, in three or four of her totally nonsensical ravings.

It takes most people only one Exposé to take the hint. But apparently Reddios is going to require two or three Exposés.

Maybe this Radio Exposé will do the trick? What do you think?
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Top Lawyers South Florida

Simon Barrett

While Simon Barrett Hits Rock Bottom

Wouldn’t it be fun to imagine yourself practicing Law? Now, try imagining how great it would feel to be selected by your peers as one of the top lawyers of your profession.

I bet that both Simon Barrett and Cobra dream about making it to the big time on every Blog Talk Radio broadcast.

But for some, the fantasy is reality.
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Simon Barrett of BNNWhat is up with Simon Barrett’s latest BNN post on the Blogger News Network? Has this Brit once again gone into an attack mode?
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