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Chelsea Croslin NOT too happy

Pathological liars are masters in the use of attitude to convince weak-minded individuals around them that they are worthy of everything. But do NOT be deceived. All liars have a grossly over inflated opinion of themselves. They are NOTHING, but giant sponges emitting loud sucking noises. Upon receipt of kindness, they return venom, for nothing is ever good enough for these pieces of trash. Them, help you? Do NOT be ridiculous!
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Was Haleigh’s Skull Found?

Discovery of a skull on 02/21/2011 in Satsuma, Florida generated quite a stir.
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Who disappeared some two years ago? Some very crazy people recently held a vigil for her. They likewise plan to hold another vigil every six months, until the world stops for them.
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I was recently alerted to the presence of Timothy Holmseth on the Internet by a trusted source. There are indeed a very large number of Haleigh Cummings crackpots out on the Web. Is Timothy Holmseth one of them?
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The much awaited for court date in Putnam County, Florida for Misty Croslin finally arrived yesterday and disappointed just about everybody because nothing new had happened.
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