Sideshows are pure rubbish masquerading as news stories.

They are deliberately manufactured hot-air balloons by pseudo-news media outlets making untrue and unreliable claims and assertions on the slim hope that the public might be dumb enough to actually believe it.


Haleigh Cummings Sideshows


Misty Cummings’ brother and sister-in-law interviewed in Massachusetts regarding HaLeigh Cummings

September 5, 2009

    PCSO Press Release 8/17/2009“We have conducted 138 formal interviews and several hundred informal interviews with potential witnesses.”

    Whoopie Doo, this non-informative interview makes it to CD number 140 of PCSO’s Haleigh’s case file. Actually, the bit about it being Misty Cummings’ brother and sister-in-law was originally pure speculation started by BNN which was not carried by most news sources.

    A real news story would have been LE finding Haleigh in Cape Code. Does NOT matter how many videos are made, whether Art Harris covers it, or how many sources repeat the same garbage. This story wont become newsworthy until something important turns up in Massachusetts.


Mother of HaLeigh Cummings Supports Texas EquuSearch and Tim Miller

September 2, 2009

    Tell me something that is not totally predictable. The birth mother and father of Haleigh Cummings do NOT like each other, too much. Their corresponding extended families are obviously going to side with whoever and whatever shows the other parent in a negative light.

    A real news story would be Crystal or Ronald publicly supporting each other in just about anything.


Texas Equusearch Director Tim Miller gets $35K put up for Haleigh’s return

September 1, 2009

    Due to a Tj Hart audio interview of Tim Miller this was another non-story totally manufactured by BNN. Okay, Tim Miller was actually dumb enough to believe a crank voice message and went as far as getting a wealthy benefactor to put up the money. Who cares?

    Totally predictably, Ronald Cummings had no idea what they were talking about and said that he never received the money.

    Was this story ever covered outside of BNN? I do NOT think so.


Bounty Hunter Padilla Makes Open Offer to Haleigh Cummings Stepmom

August 31, 2009‎

    A clear example of a story manufactured by that pseudo-news media outlet known as BNN that went absolutely nowhere. Who could have imagined? Perhaps, just anybody with half a brain. This non-story had hot-air balloon written all over it.


The Never-ending Saga of Cobra the Bounty Hunter

    Cobra could have turned his story into a reality television show that real people would actually have watched on cable. Not Reality, but Actuality. Cobra could have been setup for life, with people tuning in to see what bad fate awaits the famed bounty hunter in Putnam County.

    Maybe he was treated dirty by Kim and PCSO, and maybe he was not. One thing is for sure, the never-ending antics of Cobra have absolutely nothing to do with finding Haleigh Cummings.