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The Haleigh Cummings case keeps on going, especially its aftermath of destruction for a number of different people in Florida and elsewhere.

Is Timothy Holmseth a Cyber Stalker?

Is a certain Internet journalist actually nothing but a depraved SEX maniac?

WARNING: Some sensitive types might find the content of this post sexually offensive.
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Chelsea Croslin NOT too happy

Pathological liars are masters in the use of attitude to convince weak-minded individuals around them that they are worthy of everything. But do NOT be deceived. All liars have a grossly over inflated opinion of themselves. They are NOTHING, but giant sponges emitting loud sucking noises. Upon receipt of kindness, they return venom, for nothing is ever good enough for these pieces of trash. Them, help you? Do NOT be ridiculous!
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There are two separate BNN posts when only one would have done. Simon Barrett’s writing style was so bad and nauseating, I am going to pass on them completely and go directly to the Blog Talk Radio interview.
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First Coast News has reported that William “Cobra” Staubs was in court today in connection with Daniel Snodgrass who had filed a false imprisonment charge against the bounty hunter in 2009. Their report claims that “Staubs entered a no-contest plea to the lesser charge of battery and received one year of probation.”
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Some would say that Simon has finally abandoned the little girl. Something that Barrett has ad nauseum repeatedly said that he would never do: Give up on Haleigh. One thing is for sure; Levi Page had absolutely no trouble broadcasting a good show on Haleigh last Sunday.
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