Hats Off to Tate StevensTate Stevens ended up wining Xfactor USA 2012. His win, however, was disappointing, even if it was predictable.

Tate’s Facebook likes shot way up, overnight. More, amazingly Carly Rose’s likes went up even more. Once again in real life, however, her Facebook likes failed to translate into enough votes to win. It was reported that 35 million votes in all were cast this year on Xfactor 2012.

Carly Rose Sonenclar’s last few performances were NOT spectacular, quite frankly. Nor, were the choice of songs all that great, either. Carly’s original audition performance was a lot more edgier, then her remake during the Finals, IMHO.

As L.A. Reid asked: Was it a 5 million dollar performance? Apparently, NOT. Once again, Reid talked about how consistent Stevens’s performances were. NOT so, unfortunately for Carly. 😦