Some topics are hot, while others just as inexplicably are not. The interests of the public are fickled.


In the Real World …

In Western civilization the concept of private property exists. Businesses exist for the benefit of the business. Blogs exist for the benefit of the Blog. Both graffiti and defecating in public are considered to be crimes. Properties neglected are soon overrun by nature to the point where they are totally worthless. Troublemakers and dysfunctional individuals are arrested for disturbing the peace and thrown in jail for the greater benefit of society.

In New York City a visit to Grant’s Tomb is an absolutely dismal experience because of all the graffiti and neglect. While a visit to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. is an absolutely delightful experience precisely because it is maintained in pristine condition.

In the real world, to be of value this site has to be maintained. Comments that benefit this Blog will stay. Comments that don’t will go. It is as simple as that.


Spirit of this Blog

I once was a moderator on another website that has some pretty good moderation guidelines, which I have adapted for this Blog.

The idea is to keep this site interesting, clean, and a fun place to comment while offering an unique perspective on stories that are available in a thousand other places.

All comments left on this site are posted immediately, but are subject to after-the-fact moderation.

This is not a democracy or some great social experiment. It is a Kingdom being run by a King who makes all his decisions as he sees fit. This website will moderate comments based upon their intent. Someone who says, “I hate this Blog, and that site X is better” while free to have their own opinion, John H. Gohde is likewise free to have his. His opinion says: If a particular commenter likes it so much better someplace else, then they should get off here and comment someplace else.


Rules for Posting Comments

Comments where the comment author is not linking to another Blog or website are not very valuable in the eyes of Google. This means that the vast majority of comments on this site are not particularly boosting the ranking of posts in Google.

The following types of comments are subject to being edited where possible, or will eventually be deleted 100%.

  • Do Not Bite the Hand that Feeds You – That means any comment that disrespects either this site or the operator of this blog in the least.
  • “If you do not like the … show, then do not watch it.” – Same rule applies here.

    The public doesn’t make the laws governing this Kingdom. Posts, posted cover only one topic at a time. John will generally post on what ever is easiest for him to knock out a post on. So easy targets will obviously be covered more than stuff that requires more research. A lot of research means a big post. And, big posts are never posted on this particular Blog. Don’t like the comments made by the King of this blog, then do not comment here.

    Perhaps, YOU might be the person who happens to be lost?

  • Personal conversations between commenters – That type of boring garbage might fly on other blogs, but not here. Just like on an Usenet Newsgroup, unless you are trying to contact the King of this blog, use private email for private communications.
  • Keep all comments rated PG – Keep all your comments clean and fit for Sunday School discussion.

Rome was not built in a day. Offending comments do not signal the end of the world. They initially even have some value in Google. But, rest assured, sooner or later, all offending comments will be moderated.


Rules for Posting Your Own Posts

Anyone desiring to post, posts on this blog must first register as an user. You will have to keep your posts both interesting and popular. The rules here are: Do not offend the King of this Kingdom.