Britney Spears Goes Bye-Bye

Facebook has announced Britney’s departure from Xfactor.

How Facebook works is truly mysterious, half the time. What appears to be coming from Britney Spears Facebook account, is NOT showing up on her timeline of postings. Thus, it was ONLY Facebook personnel who had made that posting. The “[?]” in the upper right-hand corner is what gives it away as a Facebook App. It is one of those top secret ways that Facebook works for famous people with 23 million likes.

But, for what it is worth, here is yet another indication that Britney Spears will be leaving Xfactor USA.

What it really means is probably NOT being disclosed. I could see, Britney, for example, NOT wanting to take a pay cut, or even Simon giving her the opportunity to leave gracefully before being fired. On the other hand, siting through all those auditions is extremely time consuming. Thus, it may be as advertised: Britney can make more money spending her time on releasing her 8th music album.

Perhaps, Carly Rose Sonenclar should take note? If she has NOT already, Carly Rose should sign up an agent to promote her while her Xfactor exposure is still fresh to the fickled public. Rather than reverting to taking voice lessons she should really hook up with some type of music album producer in order to get some type of tangible CD for the public to buy.

Even the Rolling Stones started out by singing other people’s songs for the first few years. And, how about putting together a pop music band? Even if it is only a cover band, she needs to start promoting her songs in different music venues; while doing all the other options that a profit driven agent can come up with for Carly Rose.