Misty gets a visit from a person she publicly describes as her brother.According to the latest update on Misty Croslin’s Facebook account, a very happy Misty received a visit today allegedly from her brother and family.

Misty got a visit allegedly from an entity on FaceBook that is labeled as:

Robert Bergen (Beau)

Robert Bergen (Beau) on Facebook

Robert Bergen (Beau) on Facebook

There has been so many lies being posted on these Facebook accounts of late, that it is rather hard to tell exactly who that person might, or might NOT be. Whoever it is, he could either be an adult or a minor. That entity claims on Facebook to have attended a High School located in Massachusetts, to live currently in Volusia, Florida, while holding down a job in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts. That certainly would be a neat trick, if true, wouldn’t it?

All of this information has been willingly shared with the public as public domain information by whoever that entity on Facebook happens to be. Why? Personally, I do NOT think that the dude knows what he is doing.

There might actually be two different persons in the same family going by Robert Bergen, such as a senior and a junior; like with same problem concerning the Hank Croslin name.

Or, maybe that Facebook entity is just a minor with too much time on his hands posting all kinds of garbage and lies all over the Internet under the pseudonym of Robert Bergen? What do you think is going on here?

Whoever Robert Bergen is I did managed to locate a couple of Google profiles on that name. According to that public source of information Robert Bergen, is apparently Chelsea Croslin’s brother. Isn’t it rather funny how her relatives by marriage care more about her than her blood relatives do? Where are all the loving pictures of her father Hank, Sr. and her mother, Lisa Croslin, visiting Misty Croslin in prison?

Previously in Misty Croslin on FaceBook the subject of who exactly was behind that account came up. Today’s photo update suggests that the person actually running it is NOT our beloved Chelsea Croslin, as many have previously suggested. I strongly believe that Harriet Sweat has been ruled out by this photo update.

In my opinion, everything at the moment is pointing towards the above cited entity on Facebook, himself who in a private FB message to me is claiming to be a minor. Whoever he is, don’t you think that he is acting an awful lot a person with too much time on his hands? He might even be the person who is updating Misty’s Facebook account, don’t you think?

The proof comes from two Google Profiles that are linked to Robert Bergen.

Robert Bergen profile 1

While it is strangely written, the first profile is linked to both Robert and Bergen Tree Service by way of its URL.

The second Google profile appears to have been written first, and links Robert to a tree service and a location in Massachusetts.

Robert Bergen profile 2
Misty Croslin’s Facebook account appears to be playing fast and loose with ALL the facts. It lists Robert Bergen as her brother. Claims that Misty is currently residing in Gainesville, Florida. And, that she once worked at a well known hot spot called Crusins Cafe. The list of half-truths gets even bigger.

Does this rule Chelsea Croslin Out?

Robert has all but admitted to being the person behind Misty’s Facebook account with his following comment.

Is Robert Bergen the man behind Misty on Facebook?

Is Robert Bergen the man behind Misty on Facebook?

Again, that entity on Facebook of their own volition is continuing to make all this, public information.

That entity on Facebook, with the first name of Robert certainly looks like the person behind Misty Croslin on Facebook, don’t you think?

Both Harriet Sweat and Misty Croslin have added me as a friend, whereas Chelsea Croslin has NOT. Therefore, I would conclude that the person running Misty’s account is behaving differently from Chelsea. Collectively this leads me to strongly believe now, that Robert is our man. Or, should I say boy, Robert?

UPDATE: Brother Visits Misty Croslin in Prison

The original picture of Misty visiting with her niece and brother has disappeared. The WordPress people must have deleted it, but they NEVER notified me and/or complained to me about anything. That cretin who must have wasted his time complaining to WordPress is shown above in his very public Facebook picture, who is the typical snot nose minor (IMHO), who will soon turn adult. Fighting WordPress over their picture is a battle which I do NOT want to fight at this point in my life.

I hope the friends and supporters of Misty plan on visiting her for the NEXT 25-years in prison, because that is how long she is going to be locked up.