The much awaited for court date in Putnam County, Florida for Misty Croslin finally arrived yesterday and disappointed just about everybody because nothing new had happened.

There were no surprises. Circuit Judge Wendy Berger in St. Johns County had sentenced Misty to 25 years in prison back in October 2010. Croslin in Putnam County was sentenced to 25 years concurrently by Circuit Judge Terry LaRue with the same 25-year term she is currently serving at Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala, Florida. Once middle-aged Misty is finally released from prison, she will have to serve five years’ probation, have fines of a total of $1.85 million in the two cases to pay, nor would she be even allowed to drive an automobile for two years or drink beer.

Being a slow news day, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell covered Misty’s latest sentencing last night.

Art Harris provided the latest gossip, or just about the ONLY spin that had yet to be played by Misty Croslin: Chelsea and Timmy Croslin were the ones who drove the blue van that night that presumably had transported the body of Haleigh.

Kim Picazio made the only intelligent comments on the show, when she speculated about what was going on in the legal arena.

Kim Picazio: “She does have an appeal that is pending before the Florida Supreme Court for habeas corpus. I believe there are groups that are attempting to say that the mandatory minimum struck too harshly in this accord on a teen girl with literally no priors that were scorable (ph).

And I think that they were looking at that. Here this judge must have been under some heat to say that you know what, you can`t charge this girl for — just in order to pressure her to give information in a different crime.”

The habeas corpus appeal probably wont work, but it is at this point Misty Croslin’s only real hope. If she wins that appeal in Florida’s Supreme Court, then there will be finally something worth reporting on.

My position is that both Misty and Tommy Croslin have already implicated themselves by admitting that both of them were at the mobile home at the time of Haleigh’s abduction and probable murder. Obviously, Misty would have sung like a bird by now, if she had nothing to do with it.

Levi Page took the opportunity to dump upon Misty Croslin, while he seemly had forgot all about his long standing contempt for Ronald Cummings.

Oblivious to the comments made by her guests, Jane Velez-Mitchell stubbornly stuck to the same position throughout Issues.

“My question is, why so lenient? Did she finally strike a deal and give cops critical information about Haleigh?”