Simon Barrett of BNNIt was NEVER about Lisa Croslin, a non-player in what had happen to Haleigh Cummings, but rather about the consistently obnoxious behavior of the BNN boys.

In short, nobody interested in bringing Haleigh home gives a hoot about whether or NOT Lisa Croslin was able to control her addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol on a given date.

Thanks to the efforts of a number of different individuals BNN rightfully took a great deal of heat over a recent BNN story, Haleigh Cummings Update – Lisa Croslin Crashes And Burns, that accused one journalist and one good Samaritan of financing an alleged drug and alcoholic binge of Lisa Croslin.

“Where did Lisa Croslin get the money from to buy the drugs? And where did the money for the booze come from?

Lisa herself mentioned two names last night. … One I feel was just trying to be another good (if misguided) Samaritan, the other conjures up more sinister journalistic ambitions.”

The BNN boys are once again pretending that they never metaphorically kicked Lisa Croslin while she was down on her luck, all for the sake of hits to BNN; nor that they ever implied wrong doing on the part of a journalist and a good Samaritan.

In Oops! My Dog Ate The Truth! – Not A Haleigh Cummings Update, the BNN boys are delusional as ever. Once again they have metaphorically kicked Lisa Croslin while she is down on her luck, all for the sake of hits to BNN. I implore you, Simon, to please leave troubled Lisa Croslin alone. She has more than enough problems to deal with. She does not need your kind of harassment.

In her written statement, Kim Picazio, allegedly STILL said it best.

“In my opinion, a person who recently befriends Lisa Croslin at Church, persuades Lisa to confide in her, allows Lisa to believe she is there to help and guide her, then snitches all of Lisa’s personal information to Simon Barrett, is no ‘Good Samaritan’ – that is deceitful, and immoral, in my opinion. This person who Simon calls a ‘Good Samaritan’ was calling him and Jan in the middle of the night from the hallways of the hospital, telling them private information about her ‘friend’?”

Sinister journalistic ambitions of the BNN boys

Isn’t anybody else besides Kim “abhorred that any person holding themselves out to be giving its readers factual, investigative information on this case, would use another human being’s misfortunes to score a few points against an enemy?”

Speaking of the more sinister journalistic ambitions of the BNN boys, I still see absolutely no proof that Simon’s first article, Haleigh Cummings Case – Lisa Croslin Talks For The First Time, where the BNN fool asked a series of questions was NOT totally fabricated in order to set up Misty’s mother for Simon to metaphorically kick Lisa Croslin while she was down on her luck, all for the sake of hits to BNN.

More importantly, I have seen no proof whatsoever that the journalist and good Samaritan that was accused by Barrett of financing an alleged drug and alcoholic binge of Lisa Croslin, ever did any such thing.

The only thing that this Blogger ever did in his recent series of posts was to enable hundreds of victims of the BNN boys misguided wrath to vent, as well as to successfully turn the tables on Simon Barrett. I simply applied to my post exactly what the BNN boys did in their their couple of posts on Lisa Croslin. Unlike Simon Barrett, however, I actually succeeded in my mission. The jealousy of the BNN boys is definitely showing.

Simon I just want you to know that you still suck.

It is NOT the subject of Haleigh Cummings that is the problem. Nor, is it the accuracy of their information. The problem is the BNN boys persistent use of sideshows, their holier-than-thou attitude, and their never ending attacks on Art Harris, Kim Picazio, among others. Further, the BNN boys very questionable guests on their Blog Talk Radio broadcasts have been exposed to the public thanks to my recent series of articles about their underhanded Blogging tactics.

UPDATE: Simon Barrett is Clueless As Usual

I am happy to report that I am going to be able to stand behind my original version of the events.

Having NOT received an official response to Simon Barrett’s latest post, I decided to email Kim Picazio requesting same. Not really expecting a fast response from Kim, I had gotten caught up in an Internet movie. Afterwards, I was happy to see that I had indeed received a timely email from her requesting a telephone call. This time my conversation with Kim lasted 24 minutes. It was very informative.

Jan57, Debbie, is NOT the snitch that was exposed in my original post, she rather is allegedly a second snitch who resides in South Carolina.

Lisa’s legs were injured because she was pushed down a flight of stairs.

Lisa Croslin is very upset over the activities of the BNN boys. Kim Picazio is very upset with the Probation Officer (PO). And, has made a number of complaints. According to her, the PO has been reassigned.

The long and the short of it is that Kim, Me, and the Public Defender have a copy of Lisa Croslin’s medical records from the Putnam County Medical Center as well as the prescription records from the drug store. These records are ten pages long. Kim Picazio assures me that Lisa Croslin knows that I have a copy of them, and that she has granted Kim HIPPA authority to release them to me because she wants her name cleared. They look very authenic. I can assure the public that contrary to the nonsense being put out by Simon the outcome of these turn of events is anything but a slam dunk for the BNN boys.

Lisa Croslin a 40 year old female who weighs 99 pounds was prescribed 1.0 milligram bars of Xanax, to be taken three (3) times per day; as well as 25 mg of Toprol daily.

Emergency Room Diagnosis of Lisa Croslin on 08/22/10

Lisa Croslin, Fashion Model, on Oct 8th Outside of St. Johns County Courthouse

Lisa Croslin, Fashion Model, on Oct 8th Outside of St. Johns County Courthouse

The problem that she was experiencing is rather common among addictive types: Lisa was foolish enough to have mixed her prescription medication with alcohol.

Clearly, Lisa did not suffer from a drug overdose, although she may have complained about the amount of medicine she was taking, while having a few beers. According to her Public Defender, she is permitted to drink alcohol. Lisa is not on alcohol/drug probation since her release stems from a forgery charge. Lisa Croslin did not overdose on any medication. She was taking her prescribed medication rather than illegal narcotics. Lisa was released from the medical center in 2 hours 10 minutes, no toxicology screen was even warranted because she was conscious, alert, and could answer questions normally. Lisa Croslin upon discharged was instructed to be careful not to mix alcohol with her prescribed medication.

I have been asked not to publish these records on the Internet due to their sensitive and private nature, and I agree.

Last but not least, Kim assures me that Lisa being self-admitted to the Putnam County Medical Center was in no way a parole violation, in her opinion. Furthermore, the public defender is now looking into third party interference in Lisa’s arrest on what Picazio considers to be a bogus probation violation charge.