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Radio's RadioNewz Peeps did a makeover on Lisa Croslin

The much awaited for and previously promised update on Lisa Croslin has finally arrived. Radio on her RadioNewz Blog Forum has told all. You just have to wade through all the B/S going on in her nasty excuse of a forum in order to find out.

But in case you have better things to do with your time, then this post is for you.
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There was a real bombshell yesterday on Nancy Grace. Misty Croslin rode back to jail with Tommy while secretly being recorded. LE shows Misty, Haleigh’s bones in an attempt to get her to blab to her brother about what went down.
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“Stupid is as stupid does” is a well-known line from the movie Forrest Gump. However in the Case of Simon Barrett it is clearly: Stupid is as Stupid Wrote. It is time once again to poke more quick fun at some of the dumbest clucks on the planet.
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LE has mailed DVDs of Misty Croslin’s and Ronald Cummings’ alleged drug-dealing ways to the nationally televised Nancy Grace show as well as to other media outlets. Yet, the availability of these drug videos still remains rather scarce.

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Simon Barrett finally came through with the videos on Blogger News Network.
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