Simon Barrett finally came through with the videos on Blogger News Network.

It took me an hour and a half at 127 KB/sec to download the above video of Simon Barrett. It has a web page URL plastered across the screen apparently because somebody was too cheap to pay the author for the use of his shareware / trial software VOB conversion program.

Nor, did I have to upload it to YouTube, since Sierra1947, already did. Interesting enough Sierra used a video-cam to re-record the AVI video. Obviously, Simon Barrett or Tj Hart could have done the same thing, last week. I really have very little desire to do anything with a video that has an ugly URL watermark running down the middle of it.

The original Simon Barrett AVI video was 567 MB in size. There was something wrong with it, as a couple of video editing programs balked on it. I converted it to a WMV file that took up only 264 MBs. The video quality was acceptable, even if that nasty URL was a little bit blurry. YouTube accepts WMV videos.

I hope you have as much fun watching the Sierra1947 videos as I have. Apparently, even the master YouTube uploader was unable to deal with Simon’s video.

Come on you people at WSKY 97.3, if you are going to distribute video converted with shareware all over the planet, the least that you could do is pay the poor author for use of his program. In other words SKY, please support shareware / trial software.