LE has mailed DVDs of Misty Croslin’s and Ronald Cummings’ alleged drug-dealing ways to the nationally televised Nancy Grace show as well as to other media outlets. Yet, the availability of these drug videos still remains rather scarce.

Tired of waiting for the BNN boys to upload videos to Youtube, I just finished uploading one of my own. Unlike somebody else whose name will forever remain secret, I experienced absolutely no problems. Obviously, the procedure is to upload just one video at a time. Who in their right mind would upload another video until you have confirmed that the first one took? Any uploading failures should be deleted from YouTube, and uploaded again. A ten minute WMV video should never be bigger than 30MB. That person who shall remain unnamed proudly posting a batch of 44 second videos that should have been ten minutes long is more than a bit ludicrous.

This video segment covers most of the January 13th prescription drug sting. Recall how in Misty Croslin Got Robbed:

“Being short on the pills, LE once again called Misty on the following day at around 4 pm. Misty returned their call and said that she had 27 pills to offer at $7.00 a piece. Ronald Cummings in the background chipped in that he did not want any more mix-ups, which apparently was in reference to the crime trio having had to take off on foot, yesterday. Perhaps, that was how Misty managed to have gotten robbed a few days ago?”

LE was instructed to arrive at Old San Mateo road. This time Hydrocodone pills were purchased from Misty Croslin-Cummings, Ronald Cummings, and Hope Sykes for $190.00. If you were to do the math, you will see that LE got charged for 27, but actually only received 25 pills.

Ronald Cummings’ mouth was flapping throuhout the video. Reading the actual incident report for January 13th will provide some more background information. Ronald is quite the math wizard, unlike Misty, he is able to do math in his head. He differs with Misty, by saying that the price is actually only $189. And, then explains to Hope how he ciphered it in his head.

Ron talked about being able to get 50 Percocet pills at the VA. Seems that one of his contacts was willing to sell half his Veterans Administration prescription each month. And, that he was able to get his hands on Roxies, too.

The crime trio had the undercover agent drive to yet another location where Misty and Hope hopped out of the car to buy the pills from an undisclosed third party. To kill time Ron, the good old boy, then talks about Haleigh, guns, and the road rage incident with Charles Jones, the 3rd. Misty and Hope got back in the car, just as Ron finished explaining what the “Dope Boys” do.

Ron could be seen slipping what looked like a pain pill into his mouth while talking a lot of nonsense near the end of this clip. But maybe not, as earlier on, Haleigh’s father can be seen putting stuff in his mouth and chewing on it, throughout the video. Nevertheless, Misty hopped out to buy 27, but allegedly came back with only 25 pills.