There was a real bombshell yesterday on Nancy Grace. Misty Croslin rode back to jail with Tommy while secretly being recorded. LE shows Misty, Haleigh’s bones in an attempt to get her to blab to her brother about what went down.

Ronald Cummings seems to be getting special treatment by LE. First, he was part of a special family meeting where they were informed of a new credible tip about Haleigh. They were all told that it was now a homicide investigation. Nancy Grace has just reported: “father Ronald Cummings and bio mom Crystal Sheffield meet to determine whether to declare little Haleigh officially dead.” What is next? Will Ronald Cummings be let out of jail in order to attend Haleigh’s Funeral?

While there has been some indication that Haleigh had died from Ron backslapping her, those stories are no more credible than the ones about Cousin Joe doing it. I am sure that when Misty starts going down for the big one, she will try to implicate Ronald Cummings.

Flo Hollars was on both Issues and Nancy Grace. While I like the idea that the grandma’s story is implicating three relatives– Cousin Joe in Tennessee, Misty, and Tommy Croslin; her information is not very useful. While her approach to the situation is certainly preferable to that of George and Cindy Anthony, there are some problems with her stories. Flo has at least three different versions of what went down. She is, also, withholding some of what she knows. Further, all of Flo’s information is hearsay from well known liars.

Nancy Grace Bombshell

Art Harris: “Nancy, sources are telling me that Misty Croslin has been shown bones at the crime scene on the river in Satsuma, Florida.

What I’m saying is she was shown bones that my sources believe were Haleigh’s. And she told this to cousin Tommy on a ride back to the St. John’s County jail, where they’re both being held on drug charges. As amazing as it seems, they were allowed to ride together in the police car.

I don’t know her reaction, Nancy. But I know that she was excited enough about it to talk to her brother, Tommy Croslin, on their trip together back to the St. John’s County jail, where they are both held and being charged with drug trafficking.”

There was a van from the University of Florida, from their human identification lab, during LE’s search of Shell Harbour, so the bones could have been staged just to shock Misty Croslin into talking with her brother on the way back to jail. Knowing how emotional and talkative Misty has been on the jailhouse videos, she was likely to have been too stupid to even realize that they were being video taped once again. With any luck, Misty is bound to have said something very incriminating on her trip back to jail.

UPDATE – Misty Blabs on Way Back to Jail with Tommy

PCSO has released another new press release. Are they now crying about having to pay somebody to deal with the idiot press asking them questions? Why do NOT they just hire somebody who needs a job? Who in their right minds would expect PCSO, with their record of accomplishment, to ever say anything that is newsworthy?

All the jailhouse drug videos are coming from another jurisdiction. Putnam County has released next to nothing in the way of video / audio recordings of their inmates. Frankly, I think watching any of the older videos has become a total waste of time overnight due to the latest developments. What the public needs to see now is totally new and contemporaneous video of Misty and Tommy talking to their parents and grandma, from the last couple of weeks. What are these clowns saying about Shell Harbour?

Why is LE so horrified about the public figuring out that PCSO might have tried to trick both Misty and Tommy Croslin into incriminating themselves and other people in their 14-month-old homicide investigation of Haleigh Cummings? They might actually get credit for doing something right for once.

It would be interesting to see first hand, just how accurate Flo Hollars spin on their confessions are when compared to the actual audio recordings of their respective phone calls. Just do NOT expect to find out until the time of Haleigh’s murder trial. Unfortunately, these video and audio recordings will undoubtedly be heavily redacted, if they are released at all to the public.

Thanks to Art Harris, we now have a glimpse into what the latest search for Haleigh was all about. If it were left up to BNN, and LE, we would have been reduced to listening to some more of Cobra’s inaudible, very questionable audio recordings made many months ago. Or worst yet, some more of Jan Barrett’s heart felt tears; which places BNN in the category of Teresa Neves’ approach to problem solving in my book.