The BNN, Kim Picazio, Lisa Croslin Fiasco Revisited

In Kim Picazio Outs BNN’s Lies About Lisa Croslin, BNN’s Simon Barrett was metaphorically run out of town on a rail. Based upon my two phone interviews with Kim Picazio, Simon apparently got all embarrassed about a few of his posts and stopped covering Haleigh Cummings and missing children in general. So, what really happened in the Lisa Croslin Blog War Fiasco?


Simon Barrett’s Waterloo

The whole BNN sorry affair was covered in the following posts of mine.

  1. Kim Picazio Outs BNN’s Lies About Lisa Croslin
  2. Misty Croslin – BNN’s Double Standard
  3. Lisa Croslin – Where is the police report?
  4. Simon Barrett is Clueless As Usual

What is indisputable is that I had participated in two phone interviews with Kim Picazio, was in receipt of a number of her private emails, that she was aware of Lisa Croslin being released from jail without any clothing or picture ID, that she vehemently did NOT like what Simon Barrett had written about Lisa, vehemently did not like a Florida local who she characterized as a snitch, and liked a person she called Radio as well as the RadioNewz Blog Forum. I was also able to verify that Kim Picazio was in physical possession of Lisa’s medical records covering the events of August 22nd.

There has been a complete blackout on news coverage of Lisa Croslin. One of the few obvious sources of possible good information on what had happened to Lisa Croslin would, thus, be a place that Kim allegedly once use to frequent as a character called CheckMate.


RadioNewz Blog – Hot Bed of Internet Trolls

I can offer the public some classic works written on Trolls and Internet Trolling as background information.

Peabody’s Satire & Commentary Blog is Satire folks, and undoubtedly contains its fair share of Bullshit.

The RadioNewz Blog bills itself as a:

Blog of Champions! Newz, Smack, Satire, Opinion, Crime Forum Bullshit: Always Un-Fair & Un-Balanced.

In reality, it is nothing but a tacky Internet rip off of – Radio, a respectable news organization. What happens far too often in the lawlessness of the Web is that lowlifes will copy the URL address of a successful Web site simply by using a different domain name so that the public will actually confuse these ripoff Trolls with the real deal.


RadioNewz Blog’s Waterloo

Hey, what can I say? This place calls itself: Crime Forum Bullshit that is Always Un-Fair & Un-Balanced. To which assessment, I wholeheartedly agree.

The most favorable assessment of the RadioNewz Forum that I am willing to make is that it is nothing but an infestation of a group of militant anti-male females. All anyone has to do in order to verify this, is to go down the list of their participants. A forum composed practically of 100% female Trolls happens for a reason. And, that reason is NOT very pretty.

Amglory, Blackcarla, Boo211, Bullyjo, Daisy47, Dedetee, Doobiedoo52, Emeralgem, Gramamonkey, Grrlpwer, Gummieshoe, Heart, Indianaatheart, Jackiblu, Jaybird3, Jazzigurl, Jerseygirl345, Judithan, Khintx, Lloran, Meemaw, Mom2JJ, Ncnana8, Paris219, Peachy, Southernvagirl, Summer86, Tattered, Tracian, Unomyname, Wasalurker, Woodville

Radio, Head RadioNewz Forum Troll

Radio, Head RadioNewz Forum Troll

The forum is run by an unidentified female, called Radio. How utterly unoriginal and what a thief to have knocked off the name Radio from – Radio? She has under her command a number of forum moderators. Totally as expected while claiming to have civilized rules of fair play, Radio openly allows the top ten Trolls of this forum to attack, harass, and call people names; anybody that they personally do NOT like.

These Trolls practically from day one had repeatedly threatened and called me a bunch of offensive names while Radio and all her female moderators did virtually nothing about it. Most of the other trolls were just plain nasty, rude, and full of Bullshit to outsiders. Anybody who complains about the lack of enforcement of the rules is subjected to mind-games and is openly attacked by all the trolls.

Because of my complaint, these hostile females actually started to crack jokes about my private parts in a place called THE CAGE, and when I called them on it; they actually had no problems lying about it. Naturally, I ended up being banned overnight.

THE CAGE - Fight It Out Here In The Cage.  Say what you want - No banning!!!!!Complain about being abused on the RadioNewz Blog Forum, and you will just end up being banned. Your status will, also, be changed to a guest. Let me see now: Did I just catch Radio in a big lie? First Radio instructed me to take it to THE CAGE where it is advertised “Say what you want – No banning” and then she turns around and bans me anyhow.


Lisa Croslin Update

To be Continued on RadioNewz Blog – What Happened with Lisa Croslin



UPDATE: Lisa Croslin – RadioNewz Blog Exposé

Lisa Croslin – RadioNewz Blog Exposé Hit Stats

Lisa Croslin – RadioNewz Blog Exposé Hit Stats

For an inactive Blog, I succeeded in getting the word out about what actually goes on inside the RadioNews Blog Forum. Of these, only about 200 of the total hits came directly from Radio’s den of Trolls. I am totally satisfied with the comments too. Quite frankly, I do NOT want a forum atmosphere on this Blog where Trolls will babble on forever about absolutely nothing on topic.

Now, I will work on getting this post of mine to show up in Google SERPs, just about forever so that RADIO will have something to remember me by.

The liars on the RadioNewz Blog Forum have posted a graphic from some virtually abandoned SEO Blog as proof of something, which of course it is anything but. That SEO Blog has not been updated since February 17th 2009, for a reason. Once upon a time, I was stalked by that guy on the Internet for about two years. That Hate Blogger actually ran a full blown WordPress Blog that attacked me daily with his posts on the Internet. At the time I knew absolutely nothing about WordPress Blogs. Well, I started my own Blog and did battle with him for two years. I identified who the Hate Blogger was, and nailed him at his own game. The dude eventually gave up, and by agreement I made most of those posts of mine private. I still have them ready to spring into action just in case that Internet Stalker ever tries to do it again.

The funny thing about it is that I owe my considerable expertise on WordPress Blogs and how to optimize them in Google, all to that Hate Blogger.

There is absolutely nothing secret about this at all. It has all been disclosed in my More Musings web page shown above.

John H. Gohde scribbling & bibbling

Of course, I have only begun dumping upon the RadioNewz Blog Forum. I will be covering more juicy dirt in my next post. 🙂


RadioNewz Blog Forum Exposé

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