Have the BNN Boys lived up to the high standards of Wallace & Gromit?

Have the BNN Boys lived up to the high standards of Wallace & Gromit?

Have the BNN Boys lived up to the high standards of Wallace & Gromit?

BNN Rule: Do as Simon Says, but NEVER as Simon Does.

In Kim Picazio Outs BNN’s Lies About Lisa Croslin I skillfully turned the tables on the BNN boys. In the case of Simon Barrett it always seems to be do as Simon Says, but NEVER as Simon does. 😦

This Blogger is nothing, but a sleeping giant that was woken up by a couple of desperate emails sent to him by the victims of the BNN boy’s misguided wrath. Out of frustration with the slow pace of the Criminal Justice System in Florida, I had managed to read a few of Simon’s posts, but listen to none of his Blog Talk Radio broadcasts. Yes, I was disturbed by the nasty comments on BNN about Lisa, and their quip about “more sinister journalistic ambitions.” But quite frankly, I was not motivated enough to crank out a post. After all, my intent was, and still is, to gradually shut down this Blog as the Haleigh case finally gets put to rest. Thus, my scribbling and bibbling on the BNN fools was done with a pure heart.

So, why my post you may ask? It should be obvious to everyone by now that the BNN boys succeeded in getting the attention of a few individuals. Sorry Simon, but I certainly never got those people all worked up. You did. I never went begging to them. They contacted me, first. Being pure at heart, Simon, I easily was able to knock out a winner post after a long restful break from all the foolishness of the BNN boys.

The only thing that this Blogger ever did in his last post was to successfully turn the tables on Simon Barrett. I simply applied to my post exactly what the BNN boys did in their last couple of posts on Lisa Croslin. Unlike Simon Barrett, however, I actually succeeded in my mission. The jealousy of the BNN boys is definitely showing. 🙂


BNN Changes the Subject

Simon Barrett in Haleigh Cummings – Its Not The Case Its The Spin simply changed the subject in a failed attempt to recover from their faux pas. The BNN boys can write about gyroscopes if they want to, but until somebody is officially charged with Haleigh’s murder the topic should be all about Misty Croslin’s drug trafficking travails.

“A fine example is Nancy Grace and her favorite nephew Art Harris.”

The above quote of Simon Barrett looks like a direct reference to Art Harris to me. I wonder what kind of spin the BNN boys are going to put on this?


BNN’s Double Standard

In their next pitiful attempt to save face, the BNN boys in Haleigh Cummings Case – BNN Responds To Recent Allegations talk about one of their favorite sideshows: Money. I ask, why the double standard, Simon?

Journalists have to pay their rent, just like everybody else does. In fact, in Western society the more money that you make the more successful you are judged to be. Those who do NOT manage to make money at their chosen trade always end up homeless. It is called reality! So, I would like to know which BNN fool decided in their stupid little rules that nobody covering the Haleigh Cummings missing person case is allowed to make any money?

As far as I am concerned, if Art Harris can make a comfortable living off of Haleigh Cummings and other current event news stories, the more power to him. Financial success in our society happens to those who know what they are doing at their chosen trade. Poverty equates to failure. Who says so? Reality does.

BNN Rule – The BNN boys are Noble, but YOU suck!

As the BNN boys would have it, posting on BNN makes them noble. But for everybody else, those writing about Haleigh “revel in their own [self] importance.” Clearly outsiders, such as Kim Picazio, are judged by them “bound and determined to reinsert … [themselves] into a case that … [they have] no place in.”

Lisa Croslin outed the snitch, but Simon confirmed it.

Sorry, BNN. I threw a name out there, but Simon Barrett confirmed it.

Simon wrote: “Other ‘news’ sources have outed the person.”

The ONLY person who could have identified Simon’s snitch was obviously Lisa Croslin. Just as obvious to me, Lisa must have been really steamed over that snitch betraying her confidences. I figure that Lisa must have had a good reason to get all worked up over Simon’s snitch. Could it have anything to do with the BNN boys trashing Lisa publicly on BNN? You better believe it!

The good news is that Simon’s snitch is going to keep her big mouth shut in the future. After all, Lisa Croslin wont be anywhere near her any time soon. 🙂

The BNN boys are No Wallace & Gromit

Wallace & Gromit are positive role models, unlike the BNN boys. Wallace & Gromit have very high standards. They always choose from the best cheese and crackers available. The BNN boys on the contrary by their actions are obviously bottom-feeders with a definite preference for dealing with snitches. They routinely engage in underhanded Blogging tactics. When caught red handed at their own game, these BNN fools loudly proclaim their innocence.

Wallace & Gromit are a whole lot nicer, and infinitely more interesting to watch.

My advice to Simon and Jan Barrett & company at BNN is to change your wicked ways, as soon as possible. Please try to be more like Wallace & Gromit in the future. And, all your imagined villains, such as KP and AH, will magically stop being a thorn in your butts.

Actions speak louder than your empty words, Simon Barrett.