Simon Barrett

Did Simon Barrett give Lisa Croslin money in exchange for answers to his questions?

Have the BNN boys stooped to a new all time low, just to get more hits to their Web site? In an exclusive telephone interview, Kim Picazio vents over the out right lies allegedly told by Simon Barrett about Lisa Croslin. As a person who was down on her luck and who has been trying very hard to get back on her feet, Simon wrongly portrayed Lisa as being “drunk, and higher than a kite on Xanax.”

Lisa Croslin was Roughed Up!

This Blogger last caught up with the BNN boys in Simon Barrett – Stupid is as Stupid Wrote. Simon seems to enjoy using every opportunity available to him to get back at a certain Emmy Award-winning journalist on BNN. Recently, he knocked out a couple of posts about Lisa Croslin that rubbed me the wrong way. And, he definitely has managed to get the attention of at least two other persons who contacted me by email.

In Haleigh Cummings Update – Lisa Croslin Crashes And Burns Simon Barrett wrote:

“Where did Lisa Croslin get the money from to buy the drugs? And where did the money for the booze come from?

Lisa herself mentioned two names last night. … One I feel was just trying to be another good (if misguided) Samaritan, the other conjures up more sinister journalistic ambitions.”

That sounds awfully like a thinly veiled swipe aimed at a certain journalist by Simon Barrett to me. Further Simon asks the specific question:

“Where did Lisa Croslin get the money from to buy the drugs?”

In Haleigh Cummings Case – Lisa Croslin Talks For The First Time, Simon asked a series of questions that were allegedly answered by Lisa Croslin. So, I have a question of my own for Simon Barrett to answer.

Did Lisa Croslin answer those questions of yours in exchange for money?

Now that Simon himself has raised the question, it sounds like a definite possibility to me. 😦

I further ask why in the world did this BNN fool feel the need to write about Lisa Croslin, at this point in time? Could it be all about getting more hits to BNN (i.e., making money off of Haleigh by way of advertising revenue)? Or, how about Simon taking yet another underhanded attack at a person that he threw under the bus a long time ago?

BNN Boys ~ Wallace & Gromit

Are the BNN Boys just another Wallace & Gromit?

Lisa Croslin was NOT drunk or high on Xanax!

Today, I received a couple of emails from some prominent people who have been actively involved in the Haleigh Cummings case all along. One of them was from a well known Florida based attorney, Kim Picazio, who wrote:

“Please give me a call … I am fed slap up. Thank you.”

So, I spent 23 minutes talking with Kim as she heatedly vented about the underhanded tactics of the BNN boys who had taken yet another low-down swipe at one of Kim’s friends. As you may recall, Kim Picazio was the original attorney for Crystal Sheffield, the biological mother of Haleigh Cummings. Ms. Picazio is more involved in the Haleigh case than most people realize.

According to what Kim told me on the phone, Simon’s snitch or source for his misinformation about Lisa Croslin being “drunk, and higher than a kite on Xanax” was allegedly Harriet Sweet.

What actually happened was that Chelsea Croslin previously had come down from Massachusetts to retrieve all of her mother-in-law’s belongings. She must have feared the worst as she took virtually everything back up North with her, including Lisa’s street clothes and picture ID.

Then quite unexpectedly, Lisa Croslin was released from jail.

Kim Picazio being aware of the situation and concerned about Lisa Croslin’s welfare stepped in with her contacts and money for a phone, clothes, and a few basic living essentials that were bought from a dollar store by Lisa.

Lisa’s probation officer was aware of and approved her prescription for Xanax. Misty Croslin’s mother takes only three pills a day.

Kim’s good Samaritan contact managed to put up Lisa in a Christian Women’s homeless shelter. Later that night, a women at the same homeless shelter discovered that Lisa had Xanax on her, jumped her, stole her medication, and roughed her up. The staff at the shelter had to take Lisa Croslin to a medical center out of fear that she might have some broken bones. Lisa was thoroughly examined by a doctor at the emergency center. At no point was Lisa Croslin ever drunk or high on Xanax as erroneously reported by Simon Barrett.

Lisa Croslin was kicked out of the Women’s homeless shelter because they, also, do not allow any prescription medication on the premises. Presumably, at this point, Simon’s snitch called the Barretts and lied about Lisa Croslin being “drunk, and higher than a kite on Xanax”.

Kim Picazio has assured me that Lisa Croslin is presently safely residing at an undisclosed location in Satsuma, Florida. And, that she has subsequently been in contact with both her and Chelsea Croslin by telephone. Lisa wont be able to visit the Putnam County jail until she first obtains a picture ID.

Is it time for a retraction, Simon Barrett?

Truth in journalism is just as much about what you fail to report as it is about what you subtly imply, or outright suggest. Is a retraction of your erroneous Haleigh Cummings Update – Lisa Croslin Crashes And Burns article in order? I most certainly think so!


UPDATE: Kim Picazio Outs BNN’s Lies

This post has been updated. A few tweaks were added for emphasis and a few typos were corrected. The biggest change was made to Simon Barnett’s picture, at his request. Thanks to KP we now have a more updated look at the BNN boys.

Wallace & Gromit Humor

Sorry, but I could not help but notice the remarkable similarity between the NEW BNN boys and the British cartoon Wallace & Gromit. Jan, Simon’s sidekick, is Gromit with her hair being symbolized by the dog’s floppy ears. Simon has the same rounded mouth, face, and big round ears as Wallace has. To add insult to injury, both Simon and the cartoon are British in origin.

Hmn, … I wonder if Simon craves cheese and crackers just like Wallace does?


Kim Picazio Approves of My Write Up

Kim Picazio Approves

Statement From Kim Picazio

It appears that in addition to my telephone interview, Kim Picazio managed to issue a written statement elswhere. My post pretty much agrees with her statement except that I left most of her explicit references to the nastiness and mean spirited intent of the BNN post out of my version. I suggested that Kim was really steamed, but left out most of the details. KP also refers to yet another third-party who has requested by private email to be left out of this thread. Overall, I would say that my post lacks the vemon of KP’s written statement.

Simon asks: “Why was Lisa asked not to come back?”

This question was, of course, already answered in my post.

I would assume that Lisa Croslin was thinking that prescription medication was permitted. What happened to Lisa was a case-study as to why these homeless shelters have a zero drug tolerance for ALL drugs. It costs these homeless shelters big money every time a drug addict attacks another resident over their addition.

In short, prescription medication was NOT permitted on the premises. Lisa broke the rules and, thus, was kicked out.

Simon states: Neither Jan nor I derive any compensation from BNN.

Sorry, but BNN is deriving income by way of advertisement. One way or the other, the more hits to BNN the more income that is derived from advertisements.

Who exactly owns BNN and directly earns the ad revenue income is a rather moot point, IMHO. The more money that BNN makes the more happy that unnamed somebody is. And, the happier that they are the more likely better perks, in one form or another, will be eventually flowing to those directly responsible for generating the most hits to BNN.

Too bad JVM does NOT seem all that impressed with Simon Barrett, but very much likes Levi Page. 🙂


Kim Picazio Scores Big on My Blog

Needless to say, I really managed to nail this post of mine.

Kim Picazio Outs BNN’s Lies

Kim Picazio Outs BNN’s Lies

It has broken all records for my Blog to date, and has greatly exceeded my expectations.