Chelsea Croslin NOT too happy

Pathological liars are masters in the use of attitude to convince weak-minded individuals around them that they are worthy of everything. But do NOT be deceived. All liars have a grossly over inflated opinion of themselves. They are NOTHING, but giant sponges emitting loud sucking noises. Upon receipt of kindness, they return venom, for nothing is ever good enough for these pieces of trash. Them, help you? Do NOT be ridiculous!

The recent Levi Page Show on In RE Timothy Holmseth & Chelsea Croslin: Shocking Truth opened up a mixed can of worms for those interested in what is going on behind the scenes in the Haleigh Cummings case.

Both Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin know what had happened to Haleigh Cummings, from day one. Having said that I have seen the Croslin family, by marriage, trying to cause trouble in a number of different arenas. From listening to Levi’s show, it is rather obvious that this Chelsea Croslin will latch onto anything that is claiming, that Haleigh Cummings is still alive.

Funny how I have yet to hear a single peep out of any of the Cummings?

Tina Church – Post Conviction Investigator

I cannot say that I was all that impressed with this Tina Church character. Beyond being vulgar and arrogant, she was a piss-poor communicator IMHO. Maybe she knows how she makes her money, but the world surely does NOT. There is no one to blame, but herself, about the scarcity of good information about Tina Church available on the Web. But, after a bit of searching I was able to turn up something remotely positive about her.

The Christopher Parish Story

Parish’s Post-Trial Investigation Discovers His Prosecutors Failed To Disclose Exculpatory Evidence

Parish had claimed his innocence from the time of his arrest two days after the alleged crime. After Parish’s trial, his family hired private investigators Tina Church and Mike Swanson to find evidence supporting his claim of actual innocence. Swanson and Church’s investigation found that exculpatory information had not been disclosed to Parish by the prosecution prior to his trial.”

I will leave it up to the readers to decide whether this Tina is all that different from those crazy women that she was knocking so much on Levi’s show. And, whether or not this person needs to seriously work on her public image.

Timothy Holmseth – Haleigh Cummings Crackpot?

Previously, I had predicted a real lawsuit back in Haleigh Cummings – Plastic Skull Found. Before that, I had last caught up with Tim in Is Timothy Holmseth just a Haleigh Cummings Crackpot?

I am NOT a psychic. I knew that this was actually going to go down because the plaintiff of this lawsuit had vented to me on the telephone about it back in February. Actually, Timothy Holmseth’s name had come up in a number of different phone calls.

According to what I was told, this Timothy Holmseth character has allegedly been engaging in non-stop cyber bullying / harassment of a prominent Florida family law attorney who had done some pro bono work for the birth mother of Haleigh Cummings. Beyond Holmseth having filed an unbelievable number of complaints, he allegedly is engaging in a non-stop campaign of sending crazy and embarrassing emails to anybody and everybody that this attorney publicly comes in contact with in the course of her being in the public eye.

I need to clarify something that was somewhat misleading in Levi’s broadcast. Even though she is a lawyer, she is not doing the lawsuit herself. I suspect that she is so upset about Timothy Holmseth that she is paying serious money for a heavy-gunned, badass, attorney that specializes in Internet related lawsuits, even though Tim is penniless. I think that it is also pretty common knowledge that in any well thought out lawsuit, people with deep pockets will surely be included as defendants.

So, for the other alleged defendants in this allegedly legally filed lawsuit; such as Simon Barrett, Wayanne Kruger, and the alleged owner of Blogger News Network (BNN); you have my condolences. I suggest that you take this cause of action seriously. My advice is to spend some big bucks defending yourselves, because I strongly suspect that Kim Picazio’s badass attorney is going to nail you guys good.

Obviously, I have no love loss for Simon Barrett. I would not be surprised at all if Simon Barrett were to suddenly disappear from both BNN and Blog Talk Radio. Furthermore, I would likewise suspect that a very large number of posts on BNN, as well as a very large number of audio recordings on Blog Talk Radio are going to suddenly disappear. That is to say, provided if these jerks have half a brain.

Regrettably, I was briefly associated with Wayanne Kruger. But, I wised up and soon parted company with her, precisely because the last thing that I wanted was to become a defendant in some lawsuit. Furthermore, there is something not quite right about Wayanne IMHO.