It has been a long time since the OJ criminal murder trial has captivated the country. Tuesday marked the start of a new show in town. OJ’s money bought his freedom. With Casey, the Media is enabling a penniless liar, who has barely worked a day in her life, to weasel out of the fix that she finds herself in.

Being a practical person, I shall ask again: Does Casey Anthony Need Double-Tap Justice? The amount of money that this dysfunctional family is costing the state of Florida is simply astronomical. Does the criminal justice system need major reform in order to keep the Media from wasting the taxpayer’s money? Why wasn’t some type of plea deal offered and accepted by these dysfunctional people long ago?

If the defense is going for a hung jury at the very least, than Jose Baez’s opening statement hit a home run on Tuesday May 24, 2011. Their defense strategy falls in line very much with an old post of mine that I had previously written on another Blog: Casey Anthony: Family Dynamics. Had we been talking about NORMAL people and a NORMAL family then George Anthony immediately contradicting the sexual abuse allegation argument of the defense would have delivered a fatal blow to their creditability. But, we are NOT! We are talking about a family of liars.

Jose Baez is absolutely correct: Something is NOT right here. If something odd is going on in this family, then on today’s juries, there will bound to be at least one juror who ends up with reasonable doubt, on this issue alone.

If the defense managed to have picked a bleeding heart jury, along with a long standing belief of females that a mother is simply incapable of killing her own child, then Casey Anthony regrettably stands an excellent chance of getting off; thanks to the circus created by the Media.

I disagree with Nancy Grace, and just about everyone else. Casey Anthony did NOT throw her father under the bus. She is planning on blaming her own mother, Cindy Anthony, for everything. If the defense can prove that Cindy Anthony denied that her daughter was 7 months pregnant at a wedding, then Baez will have gone a long way to raise doubt.

George Anthony’s very public attempt at committing suicide comes to my mine. Now, why would a former police detective ever do that? The possibility of prior sexual abuse, along with feelings of guilt in the death of Caylee, comes to my mine. Lee Anthony likewise has made a number of very bizarre public appearances and statements concerning his sister in the past. Why does Lee act so crazy, regarding his relationship with his sister? Why is Lee NOT in court? The possibility of Lee having sexually abused Casey Anthony comes to my mine.

Ergo, I think that a major part of their defense strategy will be proving that both George and Cindy Anthony are liars in order to raise doubt about their testimony.

Now, why would George consent to Caylee being buried like trash? The crazy Cindy Anthony comes to my mind. Along with the blackmail threat of exposing his sexual abuse, George could have conceivably gone along with maintaining the lie that Caylee was still alive, at all costs, in this crazy dysfunctional family. Everyone in the Anthony family, clearly fears Cindy more than they do the law.

Thus, the prosecution in my opinion is going to have to prove that a major fight did take place on Father’s day at the nursing home. The existence of this fight would have provided sufficient motivation for a selfish Casey Anthony to have done away with Caylee. Without that piece of evidence, at least one juror is going to have reasonable doubt.

Of course, there is a lot of evidence out there that tends to contradict an accidental drowning death. All I can say is, remember OJ’s glove. With the right jury, if the glove don’t fit you must acquit.