Was Haleigh’s Skull Found?

Discovery of a skull on 02/21/2011 in Satsuma, Florida generated quite a stir.

The PCSO has recently issued a new Haleigh related press release.

Seems that some local reported the discovery of a supposed skull near the infamous Haleigh disposal site boat ramp. As a result, wild rumors circulated throughout the Satsuma community that evidence of Haleigh’s remains had finally been discovered.

Naturally, this Satsuma Breaking News story turned out to be totally whacked.

Internet Wackos Related to the Haleigh Case

In a related matter, rumors have just started today to circulate throughout the Web that long overdue legal action is actually going to be taken against a few Web Wack jobs who heretofore were actually foolish enough to think that publishing their garbage on the Web gave them the right to defame the character of anybody. I will keep the public updated as the certainty of their pending doom becomes legally sealed.

Natural Health

In an unrelated story, I recently discover two great links on Natural Health.