I was recently alerted to the presence of Timothy Holmseth on the Internet by a trusted source. There are indeed a very large number of Haleigh Cummings crackpots out on the Web. Is Timothy Holmseth one of them?

His long predicted, self-published, book on Haleigh Cummings has finally surfaced, and is being marketed by Amazon.com. Timothy Charles Holmseth can be found on YouTube videos. Could floodofnoah and Timothy Charles Holmseth be one in the same, person?

Personally, I find the floodofnoah videos as wacky as you can get. They are a real case-study in mental illness, IMHO. Now, you can get the same possible wack-job thoughts in print.

In the Jacksonville New’s article entitled Haleigh Book Promises ‘Shocking Truth’, Holmseth apparently reportedly used $5,000 of his own money to print up a limited number of his books.

Silly me, but I really do believe that these types of limited demand niche books in the new millennium are being published as print on demand books, virtually for free. Selling price to the customer would be about the same, or less. Cost to the author to publish is zero. Isn’t modern technology, and the intelligent use of a rational brain, simply wonderful? Is Holmseth’s decision to spend a reported $5,000 of his own money in order to print up a limited number of copies in advance of any sales documentation of his status as a wack-job? Could be, but what do you think?

You know what? I have over two hundred posts on this Blog of mine. I could easily recycle all of this verbiage on Haleigh Cummings into two hundred pages, and publish it for free as a print on demand book. Would anybody be interested in buying it?

If anybody does spend their dime on Holmseth’s book, please be sure to let me know if he comes across any more coherently in print than he does on the floodofnoah YouTube videos.

UPDATE: Is Timothy Holmseth just a Haleigh Cummings Crackpot?

It appears that some desperate person has been plugging Amazon.com with bogus reviews of Tim’s crazy book.

The problem with mentally ill reporters is that they have this fantasy that what they are doing is great reporting. But all too often, in the case of Haleigh Cummings nut jobs, reality paints an entirely different picture. Could a lawsuit be NOT too far away for Tim?