Casey Anthony Needs Double-Tap Justice An interesting comparison can be made between Casey Anthony’s trial that started on Monday to the trial of Saddam Hussein with the double-tap justice that was received by Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Rather than being immediately taken out the deposed President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein was foolishly captured alive. Saddam received a conviction in a kangaroo court that could only be described as a total farce. Was there ever any doubt that Saddam was going to be executed?

Pat Brown in ‘Would You Believe…?’ Why Being Truthful Matters was dead wrong when she wrote that Osama “should have been captured and tried” as if the final outcome would ever have been in doubt. Those bureaucrats claiming that the United States was in violation of international law are nothing but a bunch of whiny liberals, looking for a big fat pay check. Could Pat Brown be anymore loonier?

The simplicity of the justice that was meted out to Osama bin Laden by the Seal Team 6 was absolutely beautiful. Once the decision had been made that the bad guy was absolutely guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, they took the SOB out with two bullets, and buried the sorry excuse for a human being before nightfall. Above all else, our criminal justice system should STOP wasting taxpayer’s money playing games with human garbage. In time the public will finally figure it out, that America will no longer be playing legal games with lowlifes.

Who honestly couldn’t say the world would have been a better place had Casey Anthony been taken out with swift justice, on day one?

I find the application of justice in a high profile media case absolutely sickening. There is absolutely no reason why Casey Anthony could have not been tried and convicted within one day, long ago. Casey is certainly no better, nor smarter than Misty Croslin. If anything, Casey is a lot dumber than Misty. What fool after all would keep a dead body locked up in their trunk for several days? Worst yet, finally dump the body in a rather obvious location? What took LE in Florida so long to locate Caylee is beyond me.

Now, we are going to be subjected to at least a two month long trial just so that the rather obvious killer of Caylee Anthony can either walk or end up in a hung jury.

Is it too late for lynch mob justice, if this is how the legal system in America works today?