My only question in this sorry tale of woe is: What in the world are all these females doing with this Croslin bunch of criminally minded males?

If I got this right, the blue van that was used to transport Haleigh’s body belonged to Lindsey Croslin. Tommy’s wife is the ONLY Croslin with a job. Hank Croslin, Jr. has been arrested and bonded out in the last two years, about four or five times. Tommy’s favorite theory of crime is that LE cannot pin anything on him because it could have been anyone of the sorry group of people that he always manages to live with. With sear genius, Tommy had the criminal foresight to loan the van out to his brother Timmy and Chelsea Croslin. Then he reported the very next day that two types of rope were missing from Lindsey’s blue van. How about cinder blocks, Tommy? Did you, also, have the foresight to keep a couple of cinder blocks in your van, too? After all, you never know when you might have to dispose of a child in the St. John’s River, do you.

Then we see that Timmy and Chelsea Croslin were letting a career criminal, Joe Overstreet, crash their pad. Since many criminals make their money at night, Chelsea Croslin made sure that their wild card guest, Cousin Joe, had easy access to Lindsey’s van. Joe was family after all.

Interestingly enough Cousin Joe, Timmy and Chelsea Croslin have moved out of the area. Their rather sudden departures does in fact suggest criminal involvement or financial problems in Satsuma, of one type or another.

The above YouTube video is of Lindsey Croslin crying about how she was setting her children up to be stolen, merely by living in Satsuma, Florida. She is the same person who is trying to watch over your loved ones in the hospital, as a nurse. The latest development is that Lindsey reportedly feels betrayed by her husband and is considering a divorce, according to Art Harris.

Are all these females for real?

Let me give Lindsey, the budding nurse, a little hint. While Tommy is in jail for the next three years, it might be a good time to pack up and move out to Massachusetts for good. My musings are just a thought. Who knows, spend enough time talking to your loser husband in jail on video and maybe just about everybody in the country will finally figure out that they should not let this bunch of criminally minded losers anywhere near their place of employment. After all, where one Croslin shows up, the rest cannot be far behind.

What were Chelsea and Lindsey thinking? Are all the Croslin females criminally minded, too?