Croslins - Neighbors from Hell

Croslins - Neighbors from Hell

Can anyone doubt at this point in the Haleigh Cummings tragedy that Misty Croslin grew up in a family of career criminals? The reason is very simple: These people are criminals because they cannot read English too good.

Just about every one in the Croslin residence at 116 Tyler St, Satsuma, Florida has been busted at one time or another. The only exceptions appear to be Tommy’s wife, Lindsey, and her children.

Number 1 Criminal, Tommy Croslin

There is a ten minute Tommy and Lindsey Croslin Jail House Video that does an excellent job of exposing the criminal mindset of Tommy Croslin, Misty’s brother. Hank Croslin, Jr. has within the last year alone been busted four or five times. Yet, he feels persecuted. And, actually expects to walk the streets of his neighborhood, once again, very soon. One can only wonder at how neighbors to the Croslin family have been coping with the non-stop burglary on their street.

Father, Hank Croslin

As bad as Misty Croslin’s spelling and poor grammar is; Art Harris has reported that Hank Croslin, Sr. who is 40-years old is totally illiterate. Compared to her father, Misty is practically a Rhodes scholar.

Mother, Lisa Croslin

Misty’s 40-years old mother is Lisa Croslin, yet looks like a 70-year old grandma. She along with her son, Tommy, were recently busted for trying to take advantage of a blind neighbor who was foolish enough to let these penniless bums use his phone. Apparently, they thought that a blind person would not even realize that a gun had walked off his property along with the Croslins.

Son, Tommy Croslin

Tommy’s famous last words are: Just because they found a whole bunch of stolen property back at home don’t mean nothing. Burglary is an acceptable way of life for Tommy, since LE wont be able to prove anything. From his mindset, it could have been anyone of the Croslin clan.

One can only wonder why Lindsey Croslin with a promising career as a nurse is intent upon throwing away everything that she has achieved by hard work by staying with this loser of a husband. Just imagine what kind of super criminals their children are going to grow up to be in just a few more years.

Daughter, Misty Croslin

Misty Croslin-Cummings in many respects is the most successful biological offspring of this crime family. Her very first bust has resulted in a 25-year minimum mandatory sentence with a whopping 1.35 million dollar bond. Badly in need of a makeover, Misty’s only real problem is that her math skills are not all that great. She, also, seems to think that her bond has been reduced to just $50,000.

Ronald Cummings might have thought that Misty at age 15 was hot, but will he feel the same way in another decade when his X-wife / friend looks like Lisa Croslin does now?