Circuit Judge Stan Strickland granted a motion today that was previously filed by Anthony’s attorneys asking that he recuse himself from the trial. Casey Anthony filed the motion after revelations came to light that Judge Stan Strickland had been in contact with a blogger named Marinade Dave.

To anybody familiar with the legal system, Judge Stan Strickland was always expected to excused himself. This should be no surprised to anyone. The judge has nobody to blame but himself. Being a judge he certainly should have known better. The same goes for the blogger. His new blogger name should be ‘idiot Dave’ for carrying on any type of a communication with a judge during the course of a trial.

If Judge Stan Strickland had NOT removed himself from the case, then the defense could have easily gotten the decision of a jury reversed upon appeal. Obviously, the defense is gambling that buying some extra time is worth the risk of them ending up with a more hostile judge. It is also an obvious power booster that should give every one on the dream team a temporary high.

In order for a defense team to raised this issue upon appeal they would have had to had saved the point by first filing a motion, and then objecting if the judge had denied their motion. Judge Stan Strickland really blew it, but saved the taxpayers a heck of a lot of money by stepping down.