The age old question about whether the Croslin family actually watches Nancy Grace has finally been answered. Tonight reality television has become actuality as we get a glimpse into the Croslins carrying on about their not so private jailhouse visits making it onto national television with the Nancy Grace show.

I have taken the liberty of boiling down 50 minutes of boring and mundane Jailhouse conversation into a video clip that is just shy of being 5 minutes long. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the Misty Croslin Show.

In this episode, we see that right off both Lisa and Hank Croslin have taken exception to Nancy Grace’s comments about Misty eating better than she does.

Let me refresh your memories as to what Nancy had actually said about what Misty Croslin eats.

Aired February 2, 2010 on Nancy Grace “We learn about a menu tonight, chicken, rice with gravy, peas, bread, pudding, and fruit juice. You know what? I had a couple of chicken nuggets I found in the car. They`re eating better than I did. I had three chicken nuggets.”

Well, why don’t we simply join the the Misty Croslin Show currently in progress?

Misty Croslin: “So what you guys been doing?”
Hank Croslin: “Laying around, worrying about you guys, watching that stupid Nancy Grace lady. I don`t even like watching her. I hate that lady because she`s stupid.”
Misty Croslin: “We don`t watch it in here, thank God.”
Hank Croslin: “She`s stupid. She don`t even know what she`s talking about half the time.”
Misty Croslin: “She doesn`t.”
Hank Croslin: “Well, she says stuff and she don`t know what she`s talking about.”
Misty Croslin: “She says we eat better than her.”
Hank Croslin: “Yes. She found three chicken McNuggets in her car (inaudible) found three chicken McNuggets in your car. You old lying lady! She`s supposed to be a Christian lady, too. She ain`t no Christian lady.”
Misty Croslin: “Nancy Grace is silly. She don`t eat better than us.”
Hank Croslin: “She`s…”
Misty Croslin: “We don`t eat better than her.”
Hank Croslin: “She`s a stupid lady.”…
Misty Croslin: “See, this is going to be on TV, too.”
Hank Croslin: “Nancy Grace is retard. Put that on there.”
Misty Croslin: “Yes. Nancy Grace is a (expletive deleted). She can lick my (expletive deleted.”
Hank Croslin: “Shh!”

Nancy Grace actually aired this video of the Croslins in action on her Friday, February the 12th show. A few of Misty’s nasty comments were actually aired, but the most explicit ones were bleeped out.

Now, we know exactly how the Croslins feel about the Nancy Grace Show.
Plus Misty, Lisa, and Hank Croslin have finally discovered that their private conversations are making the rounds on national television.

Tommy and Lisa Croslin’s comments about Art Harris sticking up for him were too boring to be included in this brief look at life behind bars for the Croslins. Misty is a livewire, while Tommy’s videos were not nearly as revealing nor interesting.

Sorry, but I have yet to come across any mention of that other less than notable Blog Talk Radio show that is hosted by Simon Barrett. How Misty Croslin feels about Tj Hart still appears to be an unknown.