A break in the case of missing Haleigh Cummings appears to be closer than ever. Plus, latest Jailhouse video of Lisa and Misty Croslin shows that somebody is confused. Misty clearly wants Leonard Padilla to get her out of jail as fast as possible.

First Coast News has confirmed that Leonard Padilla has been throwing his money around in an attempt to buy Misty Croslin’s support. The bounty hunter was there to immediately bond out Lisa Croslin on her latest arrest, had indeed bought Misty’s mom and dad a $3,000 automobile, cellphones and minutes. Leonard was, also, nice enough to have put some money in Misty’s jailhouse canteen fund.

This exclusive is pointing out the communication breakdown that clearly exists between Misty Croslin and her attorney, Robert Fields. Misty says that Fields has done nothing for her, and wants a new lawyer, while her attorney persists in speaking for Misty.

Fields sent Leonard a cease-and-desist letter dated February 17th, which stated the following.

“We have been informed that you have purchased a vehicle, cellular phones and other items for Hank and Lisa Croslin. Misty considers this action an unwanted, third-party contact intended to influence her parents to convince her to work with you.”

“Misty Croslin has made it clear to me that she does not desire your assistance in this matter. Therefore, she respectfully requests that you cease and desist any further attempts to contact her, either directly or by way of any third party.”

This exclusive is suggesting that Fields has misrepresented Misty Croslin’s position in the cease-and-desist letter matter which was disclosed on the latest jailhouse videos of both Lisa and Misty Croslin. From these tapes, Leonard Padilla’s money favors are clearly talking for Misty Croslin who expects to be bonded out soon without talking first. Further, according to these videos Fields will soon be dumped in favor of a new lawyer that will be provided by Leonard. Further, if history repeats itself, Fields is likely to want out once he has figured out that Misty Croslin is refusing to follow his advice.

Misty Croslin appears to have fallen for Leonard’s trap, hook, line and sinker. How much the X-babysitter will have to talk before walking out of jail remains yet to be seen.