Hank Croslin Jr. Arrested

Hank Croslin Jr. Arrested

PUTNAM COUNTY, SATSUMA, FLorida – One of Misty Cummings’ brothers, Hank Croslin Jr., whose family calls him Tommy was arrested yesterday evening and charged with grand theft for allegedly stealing a gun from a family friend. Bond was set at an amazing 50 thousand dollars.

This is the same brother Misty went to court to obtain a restraining order against last week. It is simply amazing what some folks will do to avoid turning in their guns.

The arrest came just in time to save Ronald Cummings from the burglary charges against the same Hank Croslin Jr. whose court date is this Friday. In connection with his pending arrest for stealing a gun from a friend both his mother and father are reported to have abruptly moved to Tennessee last weekend. This sudden turn of events is certainly not going to do much for Hank’s credibility. Without his parents in court, Tommy wont have any supporting witnesses.

Tommy’s predicted move to Massachusetts is going to be delayed. If Hank had only thought of Misty and got himself arrested last Monday, he could have saved her some money. Tommy clearly wont be able to bother Misty from inside jail.

Back in February and March the press coverage of Haleigh Cummings’ disappearance gave the impression that Misty was living all alone with Ronald Cummings. In reality, Misty was quite involved with her own family. Her brother lived nearby their double-wide mobile home. The much talked about van which Misty transported Haleigh in was reportedly owned by Chelsea Croslin, her sister-in-law.

Misty claims that she did not know anybody. The reality is that she knew plenty of people: Nay Nay, Amber Brooks, White Boy Greg, and many members of her own family who interacted with her all the time.