Geraldo Rivera interviewed Tim Miller, Sunday on Geraldo at Large. The story was Misty and Ronald Cummings’ inconsistencies. But, was it better late than never for Geraldo?

Tim Miller last words were:

“After spending 12 days with them people my head was just spinning.”

The brief segment aired just before Geraldo went off the air. Apparently, the intent was to get Tim Miller’s reaction to the news that both Lisa and Hank Croslin, Sr. are publicly doubting Misty account of what happened the night that Haleigh Cummings went missing.

Rivera asks: Could Misty Go to Jail?

Geraldo got Tim Miller to say pointblank that Misty certainly knows what happened to Haleigh and that Ronald knows something about it. Tim claims that Haleigh’s father revealed to him that he married Misty in order to keep her from moving out of the area to Tennessee or Massachusetts.

Misty’s Teeth Going Out the Back of Her Head

Miller wrapped up by saying that Ronald Cummings always protecting Misty was responsible for slowing down the investigation.

Misty fearing Ron punching out her teeth might be motivating her to keep silent, but surely her going to jail for a long time and possibly even being executed would just have to be more of a motivating factor. After all, if you take the position that Ron knew nothing about what happened to Haleigh, Misty did in fact survive Ronald Cummings arriving home on February 10th.

Just like Tim Miller, I find the Cummings inconsistencies pertaining to Haleigh Cummings whereabouts next to impossible to fathom. Both of them would just have to be under a lot of pressure because they are living with Annette Sykes. Ronald Cummings’ grandmother obviously wants to see the safe return of Haleigh. Further, Annette is big enough to physically threaten both Ron and Misty.