With all the flurry of new articles up and about on Haleigh Cummings you would have thought that the case had been solved, or something. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth on this cold case. It was just a few pseudo-media news outlets trying to milk a bunch of Haleigh Cummings Sideshows for all that they were worth.

Sorry, but Haleigh Cummings will remain a cold case for all practial purposes until Misty Cummings, or some other credible person, starts talking about what actually happened to Haleigh. The probability of anyone actually locating the skeletal remains of Haleigh during any type of a search this late in the game is close to zero.

Of course, the dirty little secret of PCSO is that there are absolutely no credible persons in Putnam County, Florida. Just about anyone remotely close to this case is either someone with a history of drug use, or a family relative who has absolutely no intentions of blaming or getting mad at any relative or close family member; with Teresa Neves being the classic example.

Tommy Croslin has absolutely no credibility for numerous reasons. Misty previously said that she thinks that Tommy is crazy and had molested her. Tommy brought burglary charges against Ronald Cummings and is currently in jail for stealing a gun. Tommy Croslin has plenty of reasons to get even with Misty. Further, family members in light of Tommy’s recent claims have already denied that there is any problem with Misty, especially Teresa Neves’ performance on NG.

First we were overwhelmed with articles about Tommy Croslin getting questioned. Then we learned that PCSO was wasting a lot of money draining some pond just to make it look like they were actually doing something. Gee, I thought that PCSO had already competently searched all the surrounding bodies of water during the very first week? Well, you know if they had drained that pond during the first month, they might actually have found something.

Sorry, but all this garbage is NOT news at all; just sideshows. None of it will be news, until PCSO actually finds something significant. And, guess what? PCSO is not talking, and has absolutely no plans to do so in the near future.

The real breaking news, if there is any, is that a bunch of people have finally started to get mad at Simon’s circus on BNN. He has received a bunch of nasty comments on his blog about all of his sideshows masquerading as news, and worst.