There is really nothing new in the recent turn of events. All you really have is renewed hope that something will break soon based upon Misty running away from her husband, and on a tale being told by a well known liar: Tommy Croslin.

The idea that Misty was not home the night that Haleigh Cummings disappeared has been floating around for a very long time. If true, it begs the question where was she? We can ask the same question now. Where is Misty Cummings hanging out for a few days, now that she has broken ties with her birth family? Perhaps, the same place that she went back on February 9th?

If Misty was up to no good that night, that kind of explains why she turned her cellphone off. Misty Croslin wanted no one to be able to track where she was by way of pings to her cellphone.

Unfortunately, all this is mere conjecture.

Teresa Neves on Nancy Grace, also, provided a good alternative explanation. Misty just came off a three day weekend of revenge sex and drugs. She had spent all of Sunday night making up with Ronald Cummings. She probably took off Monday morning with Ronald taking the kids to school. Slept a few hours with Ron. Picked up Haleigh at the bus stop at 3:30 pm. Babysat the kids the rest of the day until 8:00 pm when she had a fight with Ronald. Turned off her cellphone at 8:30 p.m.

Now, assuming that she was indeed dead tired from having stayed up close to 24 hours, Misty would have been motivated to have gone to bed early. She would have turned off her cellphone because she wanted to sleep undisturbed. Nor, would she have been in any position to have developed an elaborate scheme to disposed the body of Haleigh. Why? Because when you are dead tired, you simply do not think straight. If she did dump Haleigh’s body, then she probably would have made plenty of mistakes. Further, at 3:00 a.m. the very next morning on February 10th Misty Cummings would have been await for close to 48 hours. How many 17 year-old girls do you know who could physically stay up for two days, and not show it?

Of course Teresa Neves’s version of the facts is also full of holes. If you suppose that Misty was a night person or had at least shifted temporarily her sleep schedule to staying up most of the night then she would not have been quite as tired.