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Carly Rose Sonenclar is signedWhile still on the hush and hush – Carly Rose herself is claiming that SYCO Music has picked up her recording option.
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Carly Rose RewindSo, what is happening with Carly Rose Sonenclar these days?
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Britney Spears Goes Bye-Bye

Facebook has announced Britney’s departure from Xfactor.
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15 Million for Britney, Nothing for CarlyTate Steven managed to pull off 5 million dollars for his efforts, while Carly Rose only received Xfactor song royalties. Britney Spears turned out to be the real winner on Xfactor 2012 by being paid 15 million for her demure facial expressions.
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Fifth Harmony Makes Finals

It was a nerve-wracking night for Carly when Fifth Harmony became the first contestants to be safe.
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