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Haleigh Cummings – The Shocking Truth RevealedHas anybody seen or heard from Timothy Holmseth, lately? Word on the street is that Holmseth has gone underground in the social media, as he awaits his pending doom in the Florida courts. What do you think?
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Getting a Cyber stalker to STOP is like beating a dead horse.The court hearing on Kim Picazio’s petition for protection in Broward County, Florida has come and gone. The judge ordered a permanent indefinite injunction against Holmseth who failed to show up for the hearing; for repeat violence, cyber stalking, and harassment. Despite appearances, Holmseth has NOT taken down most of his Web site, in open defiance of the judge’s court order.
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Timothy Holmseth’s Shocking Admission

Haleigh Cummings – The Shocking Truth Revealed

Timothy Holmseth has responded to a 300 plus page petition for protection on his Web site; But in doing so openly admits that he has not been to Florida in 35 years!

Did the Author Expose his Haleigh Cummings Book to be Fraudulent?

Timothy Holmseth the so-called investigative journalist behind a self published book on the Haleigh Cummings case openly admits that he has NOT been to the place where all the crimes committed against this five year old took place, in 35 years!
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The Haleigh Cummings case keeps on going, especially its aftermath of destruction for a number of different people in Florida and elsewhere.

Is Timothy Holmseth a Cyber Stalker?

Is a certain Internet journalist actually nothing but a depraved SEX maniac?

WARNING: Some sensitive types might find the content of this post sexually offensive.
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