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Associated Press photo of Cheney Mason
An Associated Press photographer captured this photo of Cheney Mason, Tuesday, through a plate-glass window gesturing towards the ever present Media as the Anthony defense team celebrated their victory.
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The jury has spoken. The verdict is in. I have refrained from speculating up till now, because it will always depend on how this one set of 12 jurors finally calls it. One could talk hot air forever as to what might happen, could have happened, and probably what should have resulted in a murder conviction. People after all, do NOT like anybody who messes with a helpless and innocent child.
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Casey Anthony -  Oops!  Did I do that?
Casey Anthony’s murder trial day 14 ends early when Tot Mom gets sick.
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It has been a long time since the OJ criminal murder trial has captivated the country. Tuesday marked the start of a new show in town. OJ’s money bought his freedom. With Casey, the Media is enabling a penniless liar, who has barely worked a day in her life, to weasel out of the fix that she finds herself in.
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Casey Anthony Needs Double-Tap Justice An interesting comparison can be made between Casey Anthony’s trial that started on Monday to the trial of Saddam Hussein with the double-tap justice that was received by Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.
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