Exactly who is mentoring who on Xfactor? Britney Spears on Facebook Britney Spears appears to be picking up social media tips form her protégé Carly Rose.

Carly Rose Sonenclar is doing a good job of keeping her fans updated on Facebook, Twitter, and WhoSay on a daily basis. On Facebook she always tries to talk about what is happening behind the scenes through pictures, video, and fan email. Plus, Carly is using the event feature of Facebook. Her 20 second on the spot YouTube feedback interviews have been less than perfect. She obviously has never listen to them herself, since the audio is really bad, noisy, and almost inaudible.

Carly being on WhoSay clearly documents just how Internet savvy this 13-year-old is. WhoSay is a free service for celebrities and athletes that is designed to manage their social media presence, while making sure that they retain ownership of photos and videos. If nothing else it showcases the fact that Carly Rose Sonenclar is actively marketing herself as an up and coming celebrity.

It takes more than talent to win Xfactor. Winning and selling your music on Itunes is all about constantly promoting yourself to the public.