Fifth Harmony Makes Finals

It was a nerve-wracking night for Carly when Fifth Harmony became the first contestants to be safe.

While Britney Spears claims that she wasn’t worried for a second, she looked like the proverbial cat that swallowed a canary for most of the night.

The big surprise came when Fifth Harmony made the finals. Girl power perhaps, but what is it with that giant pink bow? As Simon Cowell said, “Miracles do happen.” The amazing thing about Fifth Harmony is that Simon created this success story out of thin air by combining five solo artists. How many people, like Simon Cowell, can manufacture music careers overnight?

It is hard to tell what happened last night. The producers of Xfactor could merely have been playing the audience. Carly Rose Sonenclar after all, could have actually come in first place.

By comparing the number of likes on their respective Facebook pages, Tate Stevens does NOT stand a chance of winning. Whatever happened, Carly Rose Sonenclar experienced a gut wrenching night, for the first time on Xfactor.