Carly Rose could get votes from former Diamond White supporters.What is wrong with Britney, forcing Carly Rose to take risks? What Carly needs to do is simply maintain her position by singing something that sounds great, even if Demi Lovato thinks that it is all too predictable.

There have been plenty of shows where the consensus of opinion has been that piano players should stop playing their musical instrument and concentrate on being the lead singer. Where has Britney been?

I totally disagree with this nonsense that the contestants have to make popular well known songs, their own. Faithfully following that advice while it might give the judges something to talk about can be suicide for the contestants. Carly Rose Sonenclar does NOT know who she is at this point, let alone the public. Worst yet, the public may NOT even like Carly’s sound! There is something to be said about playing it safe by totally nailing a popular Whitney Houston song or one by Adele that sounds identical to these successful artists. It is called votes! When she is sitting on 5 million dollars prize money, that is when Carly can start taking risks by developing her own style.

On a positive note, all the contestants managed to flub at least one of their two songs. The two groups, however, performed better than expected. Nevertheless, Carly Rose could get votes from former Diamond White supporters.