Casey Anthony -  Oops!  Did I really mean to suffocate Caylee?Did prosecutors overlook investigation basics when they let Casey Anthony walk? It is sure beginning to look that way.

The HLN attack dogs, Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell, are having a field day covering the latest breaking news on Tot Mom. Mr. Peabody last reported on screwed-up Casey in A Measure of Justice for Casey Anthony.

Jose Baez admitted that somebody had Googled “fool-proof suffocation” the day, June 16, 2008, that little Caylee Anthony allegedly died in his recently published book. Obviously, The Florida sheriff’s office computer investigators were a few beers short of a six-pack when they examined the computers in the Anthony home.

The ONLY thing positive to report on this sad story is that Tot Mom used the FireFox Web browser rather than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Everything done by government is screwed-up, one way or the other. Mr. Peabody certainly hopes that you are NOT counting on the government to save your butt, in the coming years.