Patryk & Anna Dance Gangnam StylePatryk and Anna from America’s Got Talent 2010 fame, are still making their ballroom dancing rounds.

This dancing couple has grown up, and is starting to lose their youthful appeal. Anna has not changed much in her physical appearance, but Patryk has definitely gotten taller. And, at times Patryk is almost unrecognizable from his former AGT appearance.

Anna and Patryk always seem to win dance championships held in the States, but do NOT even place in international dance contests where they usually rank something like 15th place. Recently, they managed to land in 5th place at WDSF World Championship 10 Dance Junior 2 (Latvia) 2012.

While ballroom dancing does NOT change dance moves very much, in this video Anna and Patryk choreograph more modern dance moves that ends up briefly in Gangnam Style dancing. Still rather stiff, yet fashionably modern in their own distinctive dance style.

But, compared to Carly Rose Sonenclar, Anna and Patryk are doing laughably bad in the social media.