Putting the Squeeze on ReddiosAll the crap that Reddios has recently written on her newly resurrected monstrosity of a Blog has pretty much labeled Radio as a total fruitcake, by her own words.

Getting Radio to STOP her wicked ways is like beating a dead horse.But, I am up to the challenge of dumping upon Radio, one more time; just as she has already dumped upon Mr. Peabody, in three or four of her totally nonsensical ravings.

It takes most people only one Exposé to take the hint. But apparently Reddios is going to require two or three Exposés.

Maybe this Radio Exposé will do the trick? What do you think?


Peabody’s Internet Observations & Musings

Reddios / Radio is the only person I know who consistently puts up Web sites where the medium is the message. Which is just a Politically Correct way of saying that Radio is full of crap. Her stuff however cute, soon wears thin, just to become a total waste of time or worst.

This Radio / Reddios character unfortunately, god knows why, seems to have some kind of an obsession with Mr. Peabody. 😦

Previously, I had posted an Exposé on RadioNewz.net both on this Blog, and yet another Exposé on another Blog of mine.

RadioNewz Blog Forum Exposé

  1. Lisa Croslin – RadioNewz Blog Exposé – Backlash
  2. Haleigh Cummngs on RadioNewz Blog – How could it have happened?
  3. Persnickety Posting on RadioNewz Blog is Reminiscent of Wikipedia
  4. RadioNewz Blog – Simon Barrett’s Snitch Exposé
  5. RadioNewz Blog – What Happened with Lisa Croslin
  6. Peabody Runs Radio Out of Town on a Rail
  7. Reddios Turns Soft on Timothy Holmseth


RadioNewz Blog’s True History

The original RadioNewz Blog billed itself as a:

Blog of Champions! Newz, Smack, Satire, Opinion, Crime Forum Bullshit: Always Un-Fair & Un-Balanced.

This Blog is run by an unidentified female, called Radio. How utterly unoriginal and what a thief to have knocked off the name Radio from Radionewz.com – Radio?

The One & Only RadioNewz.com

The One & Only RadioNewz.com! Reddios is running a knock off copy with a different domain name in hopes of stealing some of their traffic. It is the oldest SEO trick in the book.

Take a close look at the RadioNewz graphic in the immediately above link. The original successful website, RadioNewz.com, was recently bought out by Z Communications Co. This URL change apparently has once again embolden the sleazy subject of this post to once again try to steal the success of the original site. Not only did our thief steal the name of the site, but she also took her use of the name “Radio” from RadioNewz.com liberal use of the term “radio.”

Radio was so shamed from my previous Exposé on her that she changed her Web name to Reddios. She went by “Reddios” for quite a few months. But the recent take over by ZComm of the Radionewz brandname has once again embolden this Internet thief to revert back to her old ways of doing business.


Peabody’s Internet Observations & Musings

Isn’t it rather funny how this Blog of mine just happens to have a page on Musings, and yet another one on Observations? These pages are listed above, and shown directly under our Logo Graphic. Chance occurrence, I think NOT! Just another instance of the Internet Thief in action. 😦


Peabody’s Internet Observations & Musings

Getting Radio to STOP her wicked ways is like beating a dead horse.The current RadioNewz Blog bills itself as:

Crime Commentary & Opinion From An Often Satirical Viewpoint! Twisted at Best!

While certainly a change, it looks mighty familiar. Too familiar, if you were to ask me.

What do you think?


UPDATE:  Putting the Squeeze on Reddios

The following snapshot of the Stats for yesterday’s post on Reddios, taken at 6 a.m. in the morning, shows that it was more popular than any of our posts on TH or Simon Barrett.

Our Radio / Reddious Exposés was more popular ...

Our Radio / Reddious Exposés was more popular then our posts on TH and Simon.

The little snitch apparently does NOT liked to be exposed for what she truly is. Reddios is a snake in the grass, who will turn on you on a dime. The gal is truly whacked!!! Anybody who pretends to be crazy for as long as she has, is currently whacked beyond a shallow of a doubt even if Radio did NOT start out being so crazy.

The stuff that Radio has written about Jan Barrett on her Blog over the last few days certifies that the gal is NOT all there.