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Simon Barrett

While Simon Barrett Hits Rock Bottom

Wouldn’t it be fun to imagine yourself practicing Law? Now, try imagining how great it would feel to be selected by your peers as one of the top lawyers of your profession.

I bet that both Simon Barrett and Cobra dream about making it to the big time on every Blog Talk Radio broadcast.

But for some, the fantasy is reality.


Top Lawyers Award

Being chosen as one of the Top Lawyers in South Florida, for example, says that you have been officially recognized to be in the top of your field, in your professional region. Even more important than that, it indicates that the judges in your region have been truly impressed by your practice of law in their courtroom.

The selection process is all peer, and judicial, reviewed. Every attorney and judge in your region gets to vote, except that lawyers are barred from voting for themselves.

In South Florida, for example, the selected lawyers are published in an issue of the South Florida Legal Guide.

Just about every lawyer in South Florida, for example, subscribes to the South Florida Legal Guide. In order to make it to the big time as a lawyer, everyone in your field is competing to get their names on their “Top Lawyers” list each year as published by the Legal Guide of their respective region. Those who do manage to make it onto the top lawyers list, are rewarded with the prestige and the honor of being officially recognized of their excellence by their professional local community.

Those selected for the top lawyers list receive a free plaque that is paid for by the South Florida Legal Guide, for example, along with a copy of the full color magazine, as well as an official parchment certificate. All the lawyers in your professional community email each other; sending congratulations to those who have made the list of top lawyers. The South Florida Legal Guide organization, also, throws an awesome cocktail party for the winners in Miami, Florida.


American Registry

About a half dozen different commercial award plaque, manufacturing companies notice which attorneys have made each professional region’s list of top lawyers each year. Perhaps, the best known of these competitive businesses is the American Registry company. These companies solicit each of the honored lawyers in hopes of selling them additional copies of their awards and other related promotional materials at the tune of about $160.00 apiece.

The following is a sample email, that one of the honorees just might receive.


From: American Registry – Recognizing Excellence in Business
Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2011 3:07 PM
Subject: Your recent recognition in South Florida Legal Guide, January 2012.


Congratulations from American Registry on being recognized by South Florida Legal Guide in its selection of Top Lawyers In South Florida.

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American Registry recognizes excellence, helping thousands each year to leverage their achievements.  We are not affiliated with South Florida Legal Guide or its publisher.

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Customize your Plaque

We have prepared an online preview of your handcrafted special edition wall plaque. Showcase your recognition to your employees and customers so they know you are among the best.

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Please do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions. I would be happy to walk you through the simple steps of customizing your wall plaque.

Riley Bloom
Riley Bloom
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Prefer to pay later? Try our easy open invoice option. Simply reply to this email with the number of plaques you would like. I will take care of everything and we will ship your order and invoice you $149 (after your $10 discount) + $12.90 shipping per plaque. Terms are net 20.

Please note: American Registry is a Recognition Company – we are not affiliated with the publisher of South Florida Legal Guide or its publisher, Jacob Safdeye.

(c) 2011 American Registry, LLC. 2915 S Congress Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33445 1-866-666-6666

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American Registry is proud to have celebrated our tenth anniversary in 2010 with over 125,000 satisfied customers in our PlaqueWorthy™ family of businesses. You can learn more about us at, where you can go to your personalized web page that shows this and other recognitions we may have on file for you: simply click here.

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